Ender’s Game (Movie Review)

Ender’s Game (Movie Review)
Hello there everyone!
Today I am reviewing a film called Enders Game. I knew I
just had to watch it after I had read and reviewed the book, seeing as I loved
every minute of reading. It was a bit nerve-wrecking to watch because I wanted
to film to do the book justice in so many ways. Unfortunately, I don’t think the movie quite did that for me.

The movie follows Ender, a teenager who is a genius. He’s
as smart as an adult, but he is not the only child like this. There is a whole
school of them who get sent to Battle school in space to become possible
commanders. These commanders are necessary to fight a space-war against the
aliens, called Buggers, who have previously fought a war with the humans and so
far are being held back. But now they need a boy to step forwards and win this
war once and for all… hence Ender.
What I think was the greatest disappointment in the movie was the ending. They were building up to it the whole way through but the great big plot twist didn’t feel very… effectively done in the movie itself? It was interesting for the sake of watching it and if I didn’t know what was going to happen maybe it would have hit me harder. But generally speaking, I was a bit disappointed. 
I will say that I was very impressed with the effects. There is a lot of technology mentioned in the book and the graphics did such a good job with making them look advanced. Especially the Battle Room where they have war training. It fell right into place with how I imagined it would be in the books. 
I think Asa Butterfield did a great job of acting as
Ender Wiggin. I’ll admit I wasn’t so sure at the beginning of the movie, but
then after we encountered any scenes including Bonzo I think he really fit the
part. I think the scenes with Bonzo and Ender had to be some of my favourites. They were both great at acting their roles but it seemed like the storyline of the movie itself let it down here.
It was pretty hilarious to see Moises Arias (Rico from
Hannah Montana) in the film. I was not expecting that ! He did do a great job,
but he’s just as short as always, so when he was pushing around Ender it was
still funny to see Ender having to talk down to him. I couldn’t recall whether he was that height in the book as well?
Things I didn’t like about the movie were that they used
the voice over too much to give information, in my opinion. Unlike in the book,
there was no showing of Valentine’s and Peter’s ordeal with politics back on
earth, which were important scenes to me. They also had to cut out a lot of the
training sessions and battles but I can forgive that because they did have to
narrow down a whole novel into two hours worth of filming. There was none of
the depth in the movie that the book contained, which is why I can safely say
that the book is many times better than the movie.
Ender’s Game was directed by Gavin Hood who also directed
X-men origins. It runs for 114 minutes and is rated a 12.
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