My Hoarding Catastrophe: It Wasn’t Me!

My Hoarding Catastrophe: It Wasn’t Me!

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a good weekend!

My Hoarding Catastrophe is a monthly meme book haul here on Olivia’s Catastrophe. 

The funny thing about this haul is that I only bought ONE book this month. Only one! I also got 0 books for Christmas, and yet I still have heaps to show you >.> Either way, I have stuck to my book buying ban which allows me to get one book a month, so I feel happy about that. And I’m secretly happy that I got books anyway. I want to shout out to Fiza_Bookaholic who I know through instagram. She takes amazing pictures so you should definitely follow her πŸ˜‰ She lives in the same country as me and seeing as she had some books she was unhauling, she sent them to me :3 That’s why I have so many paperbacks!
Paperback books: 

Crown of Midnight – Sarah J. Maas
Sunfail – Steven Savile
Ten Thousand Skies Above You – Claudia Gray 
Babyville – Jane Green
Forget You – Jennifer Echols 
Black and Blue – Anna Quindlen 
Scandal in Copper Lake – Marilyn Pappano
Twilight Visitor – Real Laplaime
The One I Want – Jennifer Echols 
The Quest for Integrity – Jaswinder Singh (For Review)
Sing Sweet Nightingale – Erica Cameron
Cera’s Place – Elizabeth McKenna
Close My Eyes – Sarah DiCello
Mythology of Touch – Mary Stone Dockery 
Even the Stars Look Lonesome – Maya Angelou 
A Twist of Fate – Beverly Clark 
The Color of Trouble – Dyanne Davis
Seeing Stars – Christina Jones
Aching Buttons – Mary Stone Dockery 
Vegas Bites Back – Natalie Dunbar
Fearless – Francine Pascal
The Young Writers Literary Journal 2015 
Annabeth Neverending – Leyla Kader Dahm (For Review)
Freebies! So many good ones this month DD: Couldn’t resist, especially the Colleen Hoover one!

Once Gone – Blake Pierce
Kissed – Kimberly Loth 
The Way We Fall – Cassia Leo 
Never Never – Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher
Before the Fall: Arrival – Ally Carter
Hollywood Enemy – MZ Kelly

Gifted! From a good friend who I shared some of my books with as well :3

Slammed – Colleen Hoover
Heart’s Blood – Juliet Marillier
Giveaway Wins!

The Awakening: A Poetry Collection – Stuart Peacock (Thank you Stephanie Jane)
For Review: 2016 had too many good books coming out. So when I should have chosen… I chose them all…

Arrows – Melissa Gorzelanczyk
New World Rising – Jennifer Wilson
The Girl from the Savoy – Hazel Gaynor
Death in A Major – Sarah Fox
Troublemaker – Linda Howard
Sarong Party Girls – Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan
The Storm Sister – Lucinda Riley
The Telling – Alexandra Sirowy
Ascending the Boneyard – C. G. Watson
Unhooked – Lisa Maxwell
The Epidemic – Suzanne Young 
26 Kisses – Anna Michels
The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love – Sarvenaz Tash
Gemini – Sonya Mukherjee
The Regulars – Georgia Clark
Everything I Don’t Remember – Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Liars and Losers Like Us – Ami Allen-Vath
Are You Here For What I’m Here For? – Brian Booker
Soulless – Jacinta Maree
The Rubber Fence – Diana Stevan 
A Secondhand Lie – Pamela Crane
The Unexpected Everything – Morgan Matson
The Lost Girls – Heather Young (No Cover)
29 – Nancy Pennick 
The Rearranged Life – Annika Sharma
Faking It – Gabrielle Tozer
Everyone Brave Is Forgiven – Chris Cleave

That’s it for this month!

Olivia’s Question: What books have you recently acquired?

Olivia-Savannah x

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