Top Ten: Dream Movie Items I Would LOVE to Own!

Top Ten: Dream Movie Items I Would LOVE to Own!

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I was approached by Ryan from Invaluable to share some of the dream movie items I would to own for myself! Invaluable is an auction site where they even feature some movie memorabilia which you can bid for! Now if you know me, I do love my books but I love watching shows and movies too. It would just be so cool to disappear into some of them… or even to own or have some of the things those movies include! So I’m here to show you the top ten move items I would love to own for myself. In no particular order…

1. A car from The Fast and Furious movies.

I don’t think I would really care which of the movies the car came from or even what it looked like (too much.) But those cars go fast and are so cool DD: I would love to have one!

2. Black Widow’s clothes.

She may be the only female Avenger at first but she is my favourite and she knows how to kick some serious butt. And look super cool while doing it too. 

3. Batman’s Batmobile.

It’s a monster of a machine but it’s a Batman kind of machine, and it looks so cool! For someone who isn’t into cars and all that I have too many of them at the beginning of this list…

4. The sword/pen from the Percy Jackson movie.

For once I am not mentioning this movie as a testament as to how book-to-film adaptions can be done wrong, but simply because I would love to have the sword pen that Percy has!

5. Katniss’s bow and arrow. 

I thought the books were okay (and the second book SLAYED it) but I love these movies something fierce. Just for the sake of having it, despite me not knowing how to use it, I would love to have Katniss’s bow and arrow.

6. A lightsaber from Star Wars.

Who doesn’t want one of these? If you can’t have The Force, might as well have a lightsaber. 

7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in the flesh. 

I’m just kidding. Can’t be asking for actors. But I’ll be good. Really, really good!

8. A frying pan from Tangled.

Frying pans can be weapons. 

9. Electronics from Ender’s Game.

Because imagine having a kindle that was like that…

10. The library from Beauty and the Beast. 

I’m cheating a little too because a library isn’t really an item but if I could have half of the books in that library it would make all my dreams come true!

Olivia’s Question: What movie items would you want to own?

Olivia-Savannah x

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