Arrows (Review, Tour & Giveaway!)

Arrows (Review, Tour & Giveaway!)
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Title: Arrows

Author:  Melissa
Publisher:  Penguin Random House
Published Date: 26th January 2016
Rating: 4 stars
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Synopsis: People don’t understand love. If they
did, they’d get why dance prodigy Karma Clark just can’t say goodbye to her
boyfriend, Danny. No matter what he says or does or how he hurts her, she can’t
stay angry with him . . . and can’t stop loving him. But there’s a reason why
Karma is helpless to break things off: she’s been shot with a love arrow.
Aaryn, son of Cupid, was supposed to shoot both Karma andDanny but found
out too late that the other arrow in his pack was useless. And with that,
Karma’s life changed forever. One pregnancy confirmed. One ballet scholarship
lost. And dream after dream tossed to the wind.

A clueless Karma doesn’t know that her toxic relationship is Aaryn’s fault . .
. but he’s going to get a chance to make things right. He’s here to convince
Danny to man up and be there for Karma. But what if this god from Mount Olympus
finds himself falling in love with a beautiful dancer from Wisconsin who can
never love him in return?

This fast-paced debut novel explores the internal & external
conflicts of a girl who finds herself inexplicably drawn to a boy who seemingly
doesn’t reciprocate her  feelings, touching on the issues of love, sex and
responsibility, with a heroine struggling to control her destiny–perfect for
fans of Katie McGarry’s novels and MTV’s 16 and Pregnant.

Review: When
it comes to this book I had a few mixed feelings. This one certainly had its
flaws, but I think it deserves the four stars simply because I had so much fun
reading it and enjoyed the time it gave me. And I can be as critical as I like,
but when it comes down to rating a book, enjoyment is what factors into it more
than anything else.
This book follows
Karma who initially wanted to be a ballerina. She was shot by a love arrow and
fell in love with her boyfriend – although he wasn’t shot too so he doesn’t
really love her back. The novel hints at all the wrong things that Danny does.
He can be a bit rough with her, he kisses her but when she needs his help
(especially as they are teenagers with a child) he is never around. We even
learn that once in the year that they have been together Danny has cheated on
Karma, although she did stay with him. And even though we think Karma should
have dumped the dirt bag by now, she’s powerless. The arrow has changed her
I honestly
couldn’t stand Danny and the way he treated Karma. It was perfectly okay to
dislike him because that’s how the author meant for it to be. He wasn’t
deserving of Karma at all and Karma, deep down, could see this. She just had a
hard time when she felt pulled to him by some kind of force. I wanted to slap
that guy hard in the face but it was sad that he didn’t actually exist, so I
couldn’t do it.
Karma was a
lovely main character. She’s made some mistakes in her past – getting pregnant
as a teen being one – but she loves her daughter, her family and her friends.
She’s trying not to dwell on the past and the ballerina career she had to give
up, and face the future for the better. I could really admire her strength.
Even though it might not be present at the fore-front of things all the time,
you can tell there is an underlying strength in her through all she does.
I also really
liked Aaryn as a character. He’s the cupid who botched Karma and Danny’s
arrows. In the beginning I found his character to be a little vague and hard to
pinpoint but I think that has to do with the world building more than Aaryn
himself. He was a gentleman, and respectful, but even though Karma was under
the arrow spell, he still fought for her nonetheless. You had to love his
cluelessness when it came to human terminology and some human things, but it
turns out that when it gets to emotions and partying, Olympus isn’t too
different from earth.
I liked the
dancing aspect of this book as well, and how Karma was fighting for a dancing
career because it is her dream and ambition. Despite having a terrible
boyfriend and a baby she wasn’t giving up on that dream, although she did have
to put it on pause during her pregnancy. I could admire that and I loved all
the dancing moments as well.
The romance
itself was just too sweet. I am not going to say much. You might think the
whole love triangle vibe is coming from this because Aaryn loves Karma, and
Danny is dating Karma, but I didn’t feel like there was at all? It was Karma
and Danny together, and Aaryn wishing it wasn’t so because he wanted her for
himself. The romance worked for me and the ending was surprising. It wasn’t as
predictable as I guessed it would be, and reading this book made me so happy in
Happy me when things worked out in the book.
Despite enjoying
reading this book, there were some flaws. Even though I loved the book I feel
obligated to mention them just because I like my reviews fair. So let’s start
with the whole Greek mythology aspect! I wanted there to be more of that. There
wasn’t much world building when we were in Olympus, and the Greek Gods and
Goddesses felt more like names than anything else because they weren’t too
developed. We don’t spend to long up there so that makes sense. But I felt like
the novel could’ve been a bit longer and incorporated more mythology?
Especially as it was an aspect of the novel I was looking forward to.
The other thing
would have to be the secondary characters. They were there and all, and added
to the story, but I didn’t feel much for them because they weren’t too
developed. I did like them all, and the two that stood out to me most was Leah
and Peyton (especially as Leah seemed to be doing the whole rebellious teenager
thing) but for the most part they were just there.
But when it comes
to those two points and weighing them out with my level of enjoyment, I know
what wins out! Can’t wait to hear more from this author in due time.

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