Dear Malala

Dear Malala
Dear Malala,
I may be a bit late to the party but I just finished
reading your autobiography about your life. And it seems like you did have a
very difficult time and fought hard for the education of everyone, especially
girls. I don’t usually read autobiographies but after hearing about the
youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize ever and how you were shot, I felt
the need to learn more.
It turns out you have been fighting for education and
rights long before the shooting, as has your father. Your family sound lovely
and it really seems like even at a young age you were striving to be the best
you can, loving school and working towards giving the opportunity of education
to everyone possible. It amazes me to know what risks you were taking when I
was still young enough to worry about if I was going to get the latest item of
technology for Christmas or not. My awareness was no where near as wide as
Which is why I am writing to you right now. I want to say
thank you.
Thank you for doing all you can to give those who don’t
get an education the opportunity to have it.
Thank you for speaking out.
Thank you taking risks.
Thank you for surviving.
Thank you for not letting anyone keep you from speaking
And now, I am going to tell you what I want.
I want to fight for girls education and for the education
of everyone around the world.
I love reading, I love writing, and I love learning. I
may not be appreciative of school every day that I go, but I am grateful for
having this freedom, and this opportunity.
Your book has turned my thinking around. You and your
father both have worked so hard for this cause and I truly believe it is a
worth one.
I am going to stop writing now, and go and act out in any
way I possibly can, after doing some research.
Thank you, for opening my eyes.
(I Am Malala is currently being read with the book club Owls Be Reading.)
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