Twelve Days In December (Review & Giveaway!)

Twelve Days In December (Review & Giveaway!)
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Title: Twelve Days In December (Heathfire Romance series #3.5)
Author:  Michele Paige Holmes

Publisher:  Mirror Press
Published Date:  9th December 2015
Rating: 4 Stars
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Synopsis: A Christmas Novella from the
bestselling Hearthfire Romance series by Michele Paige Holmes:

Five months isn’t enough time to grieve the death of her husband and marry
again, but when the unexpected opportunity to take her sister’s place as the
bride of wealthy New York businessman, William Vancer, presents itself,
twenty-four year-old Charlotte Holbrook agrees. Their marriage of convenience
will provide a secure future for her son, while William will be able to claim
the inheritance he needs to expand his company westward.

To begin their perfect and perfectly safe arrangement, William allots the last
twelve days in December to become acquainted with his new family—a task more
easily accomplished than he had imagined. For in Charlotte he finds a tender
heart and companion, while stepping into the role of father to her son, brings
William a great measure of joy as well. Before the twelve days have passed, he
finds himself wishing their marriage of convenience could be something much

For Charlotte, every day with William is one of overwhelming gratitude, as he
anticipates and provides for her needs, as well as the fondest desires of her
heart. More than material comforts, William offers friendship as well, and a
loving concern that Charlotte has gone too long without. Guilt ridden, she
struggles with her growing attraction and wonders how she can ever remain loyal
to her first husband, while allowing herself to love William as he

Review: I
know, it’s not anywhere near Christmas time. But it is getting closer to
Valentines and this is a historical romance? So does that give me a bit of a
Anyway, I wanted
to read this book because it is a historical novella in a romance series that I
have been following. Even though the conclusion to Marrying Christopher was
closed, I never wondered what happened to Charlotte and Mr. Vancer [a.k.a
William] even though they were left with only a few hours to arrange their own
marriage. If you want to know how that came about, you should read the previous
books! That aside, I wasn’t curious until I heard what this novella was about.
It seems like a grand idea, especially as all the romances in the series so far
have been love matches and not hastily arranged ones.
My favourite
thing about this novella was that even though it was short, it still had a
story and a message and a theme to it. The theme being that Charlotte is only
recently a widow, and she is still in mourning. Although arranging a marriage
for herself is the best possible thing she can do for the safety of her son, it
is hard to even consider loving someone else at the current moment. Which is a
predicament I can imagine must be immensely hard to be put in. Even though it
is only a short while with this book, Michele manages to bring across the theme
incredibly well.
In this novella
we also have a romance that finally includes a family, seeing as Charlotte
already has a son. It’s not too often that we see those kind of historical
romances seeing as in those times it wasn’t proper for a lady to have a child
before wedding in the slightest.
The writing style
in this novella was perfect as always. Expect nothing less from Michele’s
writing folks, because it is always spot on. I also really appreciated the
characters. Although we have seen them a little in book three they really do
come to life here – William especially. Charlotte even reminded me a little of
Grace, but she stayed unique as her own character too.
The romance was
sweet, if not a little fast. It doesn’t classify as insta love in the
slightest. But even if it was a little fast, this can be excused because it’s
only a novella.
Looking forward
to book four!

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