Olivia Snaps ~ The Eiffel Metamorphosis

Olivia Snaps ~ The Eiffel Metamorphosis
Hey everyone. I hope you have a good weekend. 
Olivia Snaps is a meme here where I share some of my photography with you all, even though I have no photography skills… I was thinking that it would be time to share some Paris pictures with you, and some thoughts that I had while I was there. Today, I’m going to be centering things around the Eiffel Tower.
When I went to Paris last month, it was the third time I was there. I went once when I was really small and we climbed the Eiffel Tower that time. I went once last summer and we looked at the tower but I felt kind of underwhelmed. I had no interest in climbing it again or seeing it. Maybe that’s because every time I saw it, it was in the day. But this time when we went, my sister and I visited it at night. And because we visited it on the hour, it sparkled for us. My breath caught – I was head over heels captivated with the tower. And even though it’s just a tower… it had my full attention. What was it about that structure that had me caught up in it? That had so many people caught up in wanting to visit?

I’m still not sure that I can really answer that question for someone. I could appeal to the side of history and say that this tower has a lot of backstory to it. Built in 1889 and yet today people still come from all corner of the world to see it. That has to make it special. Especially seeing as there are so many people who have climbed it since then. In 2010, the tower had it’s 250 millionth visitor climbing it. That’s certainly something.

I could decide to take the literature-student-in-me side of things and mention how it is a universal symbol. You could hold an image of the Eiffel Tower up to a young child and many of them could name what it is. It’s just something people know about. It’s a world wide symbol that we can all understand. And I guess for those who have visited it, at the moment you stand next to it or even climb it, you’re connected to all those 250 million people plus who have visited before you. As cheesy as this sounds, you could call the tower the glue holding a loosely connected community together.

Or, you know, you can just call it a tower. With lights along it. Because really, that’s what it is too. That’s probably what was going through my mind the second time I saw it. And that’s what makes it so nice to think about. Like a book (I’m always going to compare things to books, even towers. Bookworm that I am) it’s something that everyone has access to, but no two people think of in the exact same way.

So yes, while I was there we saw the Tower a lot. It’s only a walk away from my sister’s place. And it sparkled, and we posed, and there were people who cheered when they saw it. It really does look magnificent and I would recommend you take the time to visit it when you go to Paris πŸ™‚

My final picture below is the sequence I put together of my favourite photos of the Eiffel Tower. I call it the ‘Eiffel Metamorphosis’ because I like the latter word and I think it fits!
Olivia’s Question: Have you ever seen/climbed the Eiffel Tower? Would you like to? And has a building/architecture ever moved you in some way?
Olivia-Savannah x

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