We Were Liars (Book Review)

We Were Liars (Book Review)
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Title: We Were Liars

Author:  Emily Lockhart
Publisher:  Hot Key Books
Published Date: 13th May 2014
Rating: 4 stars

 Synopsis: We
are liars. We are beautiful and privileged. We are cracked and broken. A tale
of love and romance. A tale of tragedy. Which are lies? Which is truth? You

Review: I
wanted to read this book so much because I had seen a lot of positive reviews
for it and there was quite a big hype. I was also a bit anxious, but as soon as
my friend gave it to me for Christmas, I started reading it straight away. I am
glad I did!
The first thing I noticed about it was the style of
writing, which was different to me. It was nice enough, but sometimes it felt a little dry because it was so simplistic. It was straightforward and not very embellished, so sometimes it
was almost poetic. It certainly made the story even more unique. 
The idea of this book is that the main character has been through something traumatising and needs to remember it. It made me think of the book Silver Linings
If you liked that one you might like this.
The four main characters, who call themselves the Liars
were nice enough. I didn’t feel a deep rooted 
connection to any of them because for some reason the writer keeps us distant. We don’t connect to them because we never sink really deep into knowing them. It was enough
to keep me reading through the fairly slow paced beginning until I got to the
plot twist everyone was talking about.
Although I did love this book in the end, the most shameful thing is that I had to wait till the end to love it. I wasn’t feeling the romance in this one at all because it was so non existent and flimsy. I basically ignored the romance altogether. And the rest of the story was okay – but it wasn’t wonderful. 
So how did I give this one a four star rating?
The ending had this amazing plot twist, which makes it
hard to review this without spoiling it. I will admit that it is not
predictable at all, so when it hits you, you’ll be shocked. It was good,
surprising, and then things I didn’t even know were out of place suddenly fell
into place. The author does a brilliant job of leaving clues throughout the whole book, and once you know of them you can read it again and go OH in all the places she mentions them! But beforehand… they were all incredibly invisible to me.
The only reason his got four of five stars is that I wish
I didn’t need to wait so long for the plot twist to come. I know some readers
might’ve lost interest by then. But not us ones who like to endure 😀
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