Mail Order Brides (Review)

Mail Order Brides (Review)
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Title: Mail Order Bride
Authors: Stacy Henrie, Kristin Holt, Annette Lyon, Sarah M.Eden, Heather B. Moore and Sian Ann Bessey.

Publisher: Mirror Press
Published Date: 9th February 2015
Rating: 4 Stars
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Synopsis: You can find it here! It’s a bit lengthy so I’m just linking it.
Review: Mail Order Brides is a historical fiction romance anthology. I wanted to read it because the concept of mail order brides was entirely new to me. I was interested in seeing what could come of it, and the creativity really astounded me. With the same concept these authors managed to make each short story unique. I just loved reading them all. I have a mini review for each. 
Written in Her Heart: As an opening short story I wanted this one to grip me immediately. And it did. It was sweet and cute. It had coloured characters even though this was a short story, a brilliant writing style and even used flashbacks. I really loved the romance as well. 
Wanted: Midwife Bride: This one showed me that men can be so cruel. I can’t believe the way one of them tried to take advantage of a smart woman just because she was smart. I really liked Naomi. She had ambition, a clever, down to earth mind and was sensible. She had trust issues after being hurt the way she was, and that made sense. There was a touch of insta-affection/love, but this is a collection of historical fiction romance short stories. It’s makes sense for that to happen, and I’ll excuse it a bit in all of these short stories. 
The Sound of Home: This book brought another cruel man. It also dealt with the issue of illness and loss. I liked how Marilyn wasn’t afraid of hard work and was willing to put elbow grease into what she was doing. 
For Better or Worse: I loved the situation that these main characters found themselves in. Imagine sending for a mail order bride, only for her to turn out to be a girl you strongly disliked from your childhood. It was the enemies to lover kind of thing that I have not seen in historical fiction before. And I liked it!
An Inconvenient Bride: This was a story where the original husband for the mail order bride passed away before she could arrive there. Carmela is Italian and I liked hearing a little bit about Italy from her point of view. Not much to say about this one, but the characters had chemistry.
The Price of Silver: This was a sweet one to wrap up the collection, but it went a bit too fast for me. Of them all, this was the one I felt the instalove most present in. It was short and sweet though. 
I loved this collection and if I have less to say about a short story, doesn’t mean it was worse! I will definitely be looking into works by all these authors so I can try their independent books as well. 
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