Nails Extravaganza ~ The Beauty and the Beast

Nails Extravaganza ~ The Beauty and the Beast

Hey everyone!

Nails Extravaganza is a nail art post I do here on Olivia’s Catastrophe because I love nail art just as much as books! Today’s mani was one I actually made by accident.

At first I wanted to do a design which included lines and colours and a fan brush – I had it all pictured in my head and it was going to be wonderful. However, it appears I have yet to master the fan brush technique because it turned out horrible. Absolutely horrible! It’s rare that I start a design and remove the whole thing. But I did because I couldn’t stand my nails looking like that and it made me so sad. 
I was pretty demotivated for me to have messed up so much and I wasn’t in the mood to try again. But then I decided I would give it a shot and do something simple, or whatever I felt like doing. I decided that in contrast to the dark blue I used before I would go for something light yellow and more spring like. Then after that, I decided I wanted a rose. 
I had heard of the technique of using a black sharpie to draw intricate designs on nails. I wanted to try it, despite not having a sharpie. I have thick pens for when I bother to draw manga though, so I used that instead. I drew my rose on, coloured it in and then realised that if I added yellow polka dots this would look a lot like a Beauty and the Beast design. 
Because I love Disney so much, of course I had to do it. Tada! So here’s the pictures (as you’ve seen throughout this post). I also have a tutorial. Enjoy!
The Tutorial!

Olivia’s Question: Favourite Disney movie?

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