Currently on Holiday! [Hiatus]

Currently on Holiday! [Hiatus]

Hi guys! 

I just wanted to post something quick as an explanation for this sudden hiatus. In the next week and a bit I’ll be in Spain with my best friend on holiday, so I won’t be around the blogsphere or posting here at all! I was going to be organise and preschedule some things but well… it didn’t quite work out – especially as I haven’t really been on top of my blogging game lately. 

After that I’m going to be gone for another week in England. There I will have internet access but I might be enjoying the time too much to blog. We’ll see…

Either way, I’ll be back on the 7th of August and I’ll see you all then for sure! Until then, toodles :3

(I’ll delete this post later once I return!)

Olivia-Savannah x

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