The Grisha Photo Challenge [Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon]

The Grisha Photo Challenge [Fantasy Favourites Read-a-thon]
Hello everyone! 

I’m back again today with the photo challenge for the Grisha series! You know how much I love taking picture of books which you can see from my instagram… so of course I wanted to try and take photos that have to do with the Grisha books as well!

Show us all your Grisha books!

Seems like we’re starting off easy in this challenge. Don’t you think the Grisha spines are gorgeous?
You’re on the hunt with Mal for the stag. What do you pack?
It’s time for a fandom crossover! Now, this is a photo I took with equipment from the Percy Jackson series, and if we could combine these two books it would be epic. I would take the winged converse shoes from Percy Jackson because I definitely won’t be running after a stag… I’ll just wing it. That way, I can cover a lot of ground much faster! I’ll also have pens and paper, because I’m going to want to write letters to people if I am gone for a long time. Also, the pen is stronger than the sword (I don’t really have access to any kind of weapon I could photograph.)

You’ve just arrived at the Grisha palace. What’s in the first room you want to go to?

The library of course! When Alina was describing it in the book I fell in love with the room and wished I was there myself. Of course it would be my first room of choice to enter!
You’re a mapmaker with Alina. Show us your artist utensils or books with maps in them!
I’m not really much of an artist so I’m going to show you the map in my Spiderwick book. Honestly, Spiderwick contains my favourite drawings.
The Darkling’s colours – Show us some black books.
My black book collection for you all 🙂 Black is one of my favourite colours, combined with white.
Are you an Etherealki, a Corporalki or a Materialki? Choose one and show us what you work with.
I would be Etherealki! And I would be a Squaller, so here is me using my air pressure powers to raise The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski!
Feature the book with a favourite quote from the book as well!
I may not have included the quote in the picture but in this one The Darkling says. “Fine, make me you villain.” It’s probably the most well known and stereotypical quote for this series but I STILL LOVE IT ANYWAY.
Link up your own as well!


Olivia’s Question: What is your ideal fandom crossover?
Olivia-Savannah x

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