The House of Kane [Review, Tour & Giveaway!]

The House of Kane [Review, Tour & Giveaway!]
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Title: The House of Kane
Author: Barbara Casey
Publisher: Archebooks Publishing
Published Date: 14th January 2006
Rating: 4 Stars
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Synopsis: Aislinn
Marchánt, a writer and editorial consultant, is hired by the major New York
publishing company, Kane Publishing House, to help determine why several
submissions sent to them have mysteriously disappeared only to be published
later by another publisher. Are the editors at Kane simply not being diligent
enough with the in-coming material, or is there something more sinister going
on? Working from her West Palm Beach home, Aislinn quickly becomes involved
with the House of Kane as well as with Caldwell Kane, the man who hired her.
As Aislinn works toward uncovering the various layers of
truth of her former husband, her elderly neighbor, and Kane Publishing House,
she continues to research her own novel, the story of a love between two people
that becomes fractured because of the misunderstandings created by two
different cultures. Her research takes her to abotanica where a Santerian
priest reveals the truth in her own life and a destiny that is joined to that
of Caldwell Kane.
Review: The House of Kane was more so a novel I
picked up on a whim. I’m always curious about writing and publishing houses,
especially as I want to delve into the publishing community as a career path in
my future. That was the main reason I agreed to read this one. The cover wasn’t
appealing to me at all really – but I beg of you, please don’t judge this book
according to its cover. Because it was much, much more than that and actually
quite a good read.
Anyone who likes writing may appreciate this novel
because you get to see the ins and outs of the publishing houses and what it
can be like to write and pursue writing. I have done my own research into what
gets a manuscript into the publishing houses but I was a bit unaware of the amount
of people who end up reading your script – and it can still get rejected even
if many people except the top one thought it held promise. The saddest thing
is, when you get a rejection you never know how far your novel made it into
this progress.
This novel is a pretty hard one for me to pin-point when
it comes to genre. I would settle for it being a mystery combined with a gentle
thriller. There is definitely rising suspense in the novel towards a problem
that has been accumulating in pieces throughout the novel and involving
different characters… but for me it was the characters that made the novel for
me. And because of the wide spread point of views (this makes it sound like
quite a lot but there weren’t that many) you get to know some things other
characters don’t and that is what
makes the novel more interesting. The reader has a lot more knowledge than the
characters do. It was interesting seeing this reverse. The mystery was
intriguing because we knew everything
and had to root for the characters discovering it in their own time, and hopefully
not before it became too late. So maybe it wasn’t the shocking plot twist type,
but it was incredibly engaging.
As I said before, the characters were what made it for
me. We get to know quite a bit about each of their lives, and as it is told in
third person, about the three main characters. The secondary characters are
also developed very well with enough depth that the focus doesn’t shift to
them, but I still ended up caring about them quite a lot. In fact, it was
perfect. By the end of the novel it felt like all the characters were my good
friends – I wanted them all to have good endings and I didn’t want to part with
a single one.
The romance was soft, but it was there. It was mostly
strung out in one point of view, and wasn’t the main focus of the novel. I knew
which point of view would be most centered on the romance, so you could prepare
yourself for it. I liked that. I liked how slow and gentle and meaningful it
was. The main character did have to make a choice, but it was a fair one and it
wasn’t like… I don’t know – Team Edward or Team Jacob or something like that.
It was more so she had two options available to her and she had to make a
choice based on pretty good reasons too. And in case you were thinking, no, the
romance point of view is not Aislinn’s. In fact, it’s one of the male main
characters. Which was a nice change as well.
I’ll just say it one last time… please don’t judge this
one based on the cover! It’s a worthwhile read, especially if you like
thrillers but them not being too intense and scary in any way.
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About the Author: Barbara Casey is a partner in Strategic Media Books, and president of the Barbara Casey Agency, representing authors throughout the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Japan. She is also a manuscript consultant and the author of numerous articles, poems, and short stories.

Her award-winning novels have received national recognition, including the Independent Publishers Book Award. Her novel, The House of Kane, was considered for a Pulitzer nomination, and The Gospel According to Prissy, also a contemporary adult novel received several awards including the prestigious IPPY Award for Best Regional Fiction. Her most recent young adult novel, The Cadence of Gypsies, received the Independent Publishers Living Now Award and was reviewed by the Smithsonian for its list of Best Books.

Ms. Casey makes her home on the top of a mountain in northwest Georgia with her husband and three dogs who adopted her: Benton, a hound-mix, Fitz, a miniature dachshund, and Gert, a Jack Russel terrier of sorts.

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