Inspire Fandom [Appreciation Post & Giveaway!]

Inspire Fandom [Appreciation Post & Giveaway!]
Hello everyone!
Today I have an appreciation post of a company that sells fandom jewelry and items. Enjoy!
On instagram, there are always rep searches being held. I really was curious about the one for Inspire Fandom because they were a company I had never heard of before, but it seemed like they made some really cool stuff that a nerd like me would really be able to appreciate. So of course, I applied and then sat with my fingers crossed. Until I heard that I was chosen, and exploded into giddy happiness.

However, that doesn’t make this post biased at all. Because Inspire Fandom has some wonderful items that I would buy whether or not I was a rep now. I received their July box, and the content of this was amazing. I was impressed for how much jewelry and items they offered for such an affordable price.

This month they are currently selling a Doctor Who box which I would definitely get if you are a Whovian like me. I mean, Doctor Who is a wonderful show but even the bag it comes in looks like a TARDIS! Epic? I think so too.

The picture below is of the contents of their July box. It has a little bit for everyone. If you’re into superheros, then the item of the month was the Superman necklace. You have to love the Harry Potter key chain and the Rabbit Alice in Wonderland Earrings too. As a Supernatural fan I loved Dean’s Necklace wine glass charm, and then there is even an Orphan Black Pin.

And these items are other items you can find in their shop. If you like Doctor Who, Merlin, Supernatural, Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter, then you’ll approve of these 😀

And lastly, I wanted to give a mention to one of my favourite items of theirs. That would be the So Many Books, So Little Time necklace. It looks like a clock, has a lovely golden tinge to it and also is protected by a glass dome. It’s like perfection for a bookworm in a necklace. 😉

So what are waiting for? Go here and buy your own box or items now!
I’m also hosting a giveaway because a while ago I reached 2500 followers on Pinterest but didn’t have the money to fuel a giveaway. But now I do! And now that follower count is at 2650+! Thank you for all the love you show me over there. I will keep pinning, and as the numbers keep growing expect to see more giveaways 😀
Giveaway: Enter to win a paperback copy of The Boy in The Topknot by Sathnam Sanghera, with a Salt to Sea bookmark and an Into the Dim temporary tattoo! Open internationally. 
Olivia’s Question: What’s your favourite fandom shop?

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