Let’s Zoom Back in Time…

Let’s Zoom Back in Time…
Hi guys!
So… let’s pretend I haven’t been a very bad blogger for a long time and sorta disappeared off the side of the earth. Let’s just zoom all the way back to September (I know! Pretty much a whole month ago) and tie up some loose ends with an impromptu semi-wrap up post 😀
September was a pretty normal month for me. I wanted to cry when I had to go back to school because I had really loved my summer holiday and wanted it to last forever. I did things like make apple crumble and lemon pie on the weekends to cheer myself up. I was very busy with schoolwork… 
Basketball season started. We have training twice a week and a game every weekend now, so a lot of my time goes to that. In September, we didn’t win a single game. But we’re getting better every time, so that’s what matters most right?
I also worked on my university applications and sent them all off. Now I just have to wait with fingers crossed and pray some universities accept me!
I managed to do a workout about 6 times a week as well, which was something I wanted to keep time for even though I started school again. My yoga is going well and I managed to semi master the headstand. I just need to keep my legs together now 😀
In September I read my usual six books. Some of those I have reviewed like Haven, Forget Me Not, My Sweet Vidalia and A Shadow Bright and Burning. I also reviewed the fourth one, My Grandmother Asked me To Tell You She’s Sorry on my channel. 
The other was Fireworks by Angela Carter, which I read on recommendation of my older sister. It was a really nice short story collection and the writing was absolutely beautiful. 

The Dead Man by Nora Gold
One by Sarah Crossan 
The Crossover by Kwame Alexander
Brown Girl Dreaming by Jaqueline Woodson 
Like Water on Stone by Dana Walrath

Thanks for zooming back in time with me for a bit there!

Olivia’s Question: What’s something you often procrastinate doing?

Olivia-Savannah x

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