All Hallow’s Challenge – Dating Profiles [Enter to Win a Prize!]

All Hallow’s Challenge – Dating Profiles [Enter to Win a Prize!]

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my challenge post for the All Hallow’s Read-a-thon!

What is the read-a-thon all about? Festive Reads is a collection of annual, holiday-themed read-a-thons.  Festive Reads welcomes bloggers and readers of all ages, interests, and genre preferences, catering to a wide audience of participants from around the world.  Each week-long read-a-thon consists of a variety of bookish challenges, prizes, and giveaways, ensuring that there’s a little something for everyone!

Festive Reads is hosted by Olivia at Brewing Up Books and Kathy at The Novelty of Life.
My challenge: Today we’re going to be investigating dating profiles. What dating profiles are, is that you take a character from a novel and pretend to be them filling out a website for a dating agency! As Twilight is one of my favourite creepy reads, I am going to pretend to be a character below… Can you guess who they are?

Age: I try not to mention it. Might give a few people the creeps with such a number. 
Gender: Male
Relationship Status: I may already be in a relationship, but I figured, what would be the harm of filling this out? I’m sure I’d be able to win the most admirers out of my brothers.
Children: Given up hope in that ever happening for me.
Fitness/body type: Now this is my kind of question! Super strong, super fit and at all times, ready to prove it!
Education: Let’s just say that high school never ends for people like me. 
Income: We have enough to get by, more than enough actually.
Occupation: Keeping the family secret.
Likes: Arm wrestling, baseball, going on hunting trips and having a good laugh with my mates.
Dislikes: Wimps. Ain’t nobody got time for those weaklings!
Looking for: Not entirely sure, but I’ll know when I find them πŸ˜‰
YOUR Challenge: Your challenge is to make your own dating profile for a novel that you really love! Be as creative and mind-boggling as you want. To enter into this challenge just leave a comment with the dating profile on this blog posts and I’ll make sure to read them all. Don’t forget to mention which book your character comes from! And for a bonus point, do you know who I was pretending to be?
What you can win! The best dating profile will win: A Print copy of Brew by David Estes + three signed David Estes bookmarks. The second best dating profile will win a Zaria Fierce trilogy Ebook card + signed David Estes bookmark! Quick reminder – all winners must be 18 years old or above, or must have parental permission in order to claim their prize. You have 24 hours from now to enter! Best wishes and happy reading everyone πŸ™‚

Olivia’s Question: Have you entered yet?

Olivia-Savannah x

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