Dean [Inspire Fandom Appreciation Post]

Dean [Inspire Fandom Appreciation Post]

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Today I have another Inspire Fandom appreciation post for you! Inspire Fandom make wonderful bookish products which you should really check out. You can head over to their website here!

The item I wanted to talk about today a necklace version of Dean’s Lucky Charm Amulet. Believe me when I say this is actually my favourite necklace that I own now. Most of the necklaces I have in my possession just happen to have silver or gold chains, and as I wear a lot of black (I like black :D) it’s nice to have one which has a black chain and a golden amulet on it. So fashion wise, I am very satisfied with how this necklace is different. 

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One of the best things about it is that its also discreetly fangirl. I mean, if you know Supernatural and watch the show, you’ll be familiar with the symbol and recognise me as a like-minded Supernatural fan. In the series, when they mentioned that Dean had been wearing this necklace all the way through the entire programme (I think the first time they mention it is somewhere in either season 2 or 3?) I was shocked. No way could he have been wearing something through every episode and I hadn’t noticed! But alas, I watched episodes in season 1, and there it was. It’s amazing what the human mind can overlook, right?

Anyway, back to my point – if someone else is a Supernatural fangirl they can appreciate you. But I’ve had compliments on this necklace from people who have never seen Supernatural at all. Which means if you want to wear this just as another necklace, it can be done as well and also recognised as being beautiful. A win-win scenario. 

Can you spot the necklace?

Now let’s talk about Dean πŸ˜€ I’ve only watched three seasons of Supernatural so far, but I really like his character. Not only is he funny and a charmer, he is also someone who is always trying to overlook his own feelings and come across as the tough guy. But if we’ve learned anything about him by this point, it’s that we know he isn’t always that guy. 

Maybe he does mindlessly follow whatever his father’s orders are. But we also get to know him as someone who really looks out for and loves his little brother, and treasures the idea of having a family, or having his family all together in peace. He’s someone who has a hard time in believing what he can’t see himself, and yet he is a demon hunter. I find that pretty ironic. 

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All in all, he’s pretty much my favourite character in the series ^.^

Olivia’s Question: Do you watch Supernatural? Who’s your favourite character? Do you like your fandom items to be obvious or more discreet?

Olivia-Savannah x

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