Happy Socks Make Me Happy [Appreciation Post]

Happy Socks Make Me Happy [Appreciation Post]

Hi guys! Hope you’re all having a great day :3

Today I wanted to tell you about something I’ve never talked about here on the blog before – my favourite brand of socks. 😀 And to do this… I am going to tell you a story. 

Once upon a time there was a young girl called Olivia. She had to wear socks when she went to school inside of her trainers and Converse. She also loved wearing dresses and she just hated wearing tights as well. But her mother insisted. So she wore them. Even though she detested it. 

Finally, she became a teenager who was old enough to choose her own clothes when she went to school and out and about. Do you think she chose to wore socks? No! She wouldn’t, but then she realised how quickly her shoes started to smell, and then she knew she would have to. She tried to wear flats and ballet shoes whenever she could, even though her feet went cold. But her mother started to threaten that she wouldn’t get to choose her clothes anymore. 

So she relented. She would wear socks, as long as they were plain ankle socks and nothing else. Even in winter, she dutifully stuck to her ankle socks. Better to be cold and uncomfortable that way then with itchy socks and um… still uncomfortable?

Eventually, she discovered Happy Socks as she bought a good friend her birthday present. This friend loved socks, and even though she didn’t understand it, she got her these lovely socks which reminded Olivia of sunsets. In fact, Olivia even loved the design of the socks and wanted some herself. But she thought those are going to be too uncomfortable. No way I should bother buying them if I won’t wear them. 

Then she discovered this hashtag that happened on bookstagram every Sunday. It goes like this: #socksunday. And all the bookstagrammers post pictures of their books with socks. Olivia wanted to do the same, but she had nothing but those ankle socks to wear… and they weren’t aesthetically pleasing enough for her to include in her photos. So she decided to go ahead and indulge herself in a pair of socks she wouldn’t wear for anything except the photos. 

Olivia bought the sunset socks. She was incredibly happy. At home, she slipped them on for a picture and then realised…


Now, when it’s cold outside, Olivia slips on her Happy Socks and she is happy and warm and she feels completely comfortable. They’re nothing like any of other socks she wears. They’re even more comfortable than her plain old ankle socks. 

Olivia sees more Happy Socks in her future ^.^

Thanks so much for reading this little story! Maybe there will be more in the future. I haven’t decided about that yet, but let me know if you would like more posts in this story telling kind of form!

Olivia’s Question: What do you think of socks? Do you have a favourite pair/brand/type of socks?
Olivia-Savannah x

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