My Travels ~ Spain

My Travels ~ Spain
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I’ve decided that I want to talk about my travels a lot more on the blog! I travel quite a bit and even though it’s mostly to England, it’s always nice to share here with you all. 
I went to Spain this summer. I spent two days in Madrid and then I spent a week at Diverbo camp. Diverbo is a camp where English speakers are invited to go and spend time with Spanish students in order to expose them to English. It’s all about speaking English and basically furthering their English but while also having a really good time. Best thing about it, is that it doesn’t cost a thing. You pay for your flights, and the stay in Madrid, but hotel and food are all covered by Diverbo itself. As well as everything needed for the fun you’re going to be having πŸ˜€
I really did enjoy my days in Madrid. Although we didn’t really go to see any of the major sites, it was nice to have a walk around and a drive through the city, seeing the buildings and hearing the language all around you. I also made some new friends as I went with only me and my best friend. I was coerced into playing Pokemon Go for the first time there as well πŸ˜‰

One of the best things about Spain itself was the fact that it was always blue skies. It was always hot. If you know me, I’m someone who craves the warm weather and loves it whole heartedly. So waking up every morning to blue skies and the good food made me one incredibly happy girl. 

This is where Diverbo paid for us to stay. We each had a villa at a hotel in La Alberca. When I say ‘each’ I don’t mean each person. There were about 8 people in each one, and there were two in a room (they had four rooms each, and then a living room area to chill in as well.) Each English speaking volunteer was paired up with a Spanish student so when in your room, you’ll be speaking English as well. Oh, and my roomie was called Gloria and she is epic. We’re still in contact and she loves writing and books just as much as I do! Enjoy the panorama shot ^.^

The other thing I really liked about our site was that it had a massive pool. It was definitely needed when heats hit up to 37 degrees C. It was cool and big and there was room for everyone!

 I’d want to tell you more or show you more pictures, but lots of them are mostly group photos because it was a camp and I don’t want to share photos of other people who didn’t approve them being shared here. The only downside of being on a camp was the fact that there wasn’t really the chance to get to see many sites. We mostly remained on the camp and didn’t get a chance to really experience Spain. As that wasn’t the point of the trip, I do understand. But I definitely want to return one day to experience that side of things!

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Olivia’s Question: Have you ever been to Spain? Do you want to go?

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