Time Traveling 2.0

Time Traveling 2.0

Happy weekend everyone!

Well… I hope you’re getting used to these time traveling wrap ups because I’m still so behind even though I’ve been getting better at blogging more regularly. Hopefully now this one can be the last flashback post, because then November’s can come in time and we can all be nicely caught up!

October had it’s ups and downs. I was sick with the flu at the beginning of the month, and all I wanted to do with sleep. I was having some hard times with friends, and just with getting on with people in general. There was Theory of Knowledge retreat which was a school trip. It was all about deep thinking and questioning knowledge and all that. In essence, it was pretty interesting and fun, but I did have a bit of a problem with friends then, and I guess that was the beginning of where things started to change… 
That aside, I also went to England for an open day at Leceister university. As I am busy with applications right now, it was great to go to an actual university and see it for myself. I LOVED it. I fell in love with the campus, and the atmosphere and I’ve now decided I am more than ready to go to university and study English Literature and Creative Writing for the next three or four years. The taster lecture was just that good. And it was great because I was there with my older sister, and we had a lot of fun together. 

Other things… I finished watching Supernatural Season 3. Went out to a Mexican restaurant for diner with some friends. Went shopping with another friend and impulse bought a mini blender which I LOVE and have been making smoothies from almost every other day. My clean eating game is still going strong, but it’s been hard to be consist with yoga and workouts. Managing it. I’m also enjoyed my favourite season.
I made things like dried apple crisps (recipe to come!). On an evening out with my family we went to a restaraunt and then followed things up with going to see the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (please note I woke up at 5am and spent the whole day binge reading so I could have the first book finished before we went to the cinema.) Yes, I can be like that >.>
My hair is now no longer black and red, but black and a deep purple colour. Most seem to think it is still black and red though, or black and deep pink, so I’m not sure how successful I really was 😛
I got conditionally accepted into two universities, York and Newcastle. Three more to hear back from! Basketball has been happening. Games almost every weekend. No wins yet, but definite progress is visible.
There was also a one week holiday in which I took the time to shoot a bunch of videos, preschedule in blog posts (which is why I have been back on the blogging game) and take a bunch of yoga and book photos for my instagram accounts. 
On the 31st of October, it had been a year since my grandfather died. RIP…
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Seeing as I had quite a few lows in October, alongside the highs, it meant only good things for my reading! Because all I want to do when I’m not feeling that great? Read 😛 So I read 12 books… double my usual number.
The ones I reviewed are The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading, The Dead Man by Nora Gold, Iron Cast by Destiny Soria and Fear the Drowning Deep by Sarah Glenn Marsh.
I read The Outsider by Albert Camus for class and even though it took me a while to warm up to it, I think it has such a deep meaning behind it about humanity and conformity, that I warmed up to it. 
One by Sarah Crossan was one I meant to read for a while, so I’m glad I finally did. I quite liked it. It wasn’t amazing, but it was still good. 
The Crossover by Kwame Alexander was pretty different. I liked that it was another novel in verse and about basketball as well. But it really said something about family too, which made me like it even more. 
Some Writer by Melissa Sweet was a quirky, little, biography about E.B. White. I read 50% of it before realising who the author was and what novels he had written. Once I did, I became personally invested and the book is just so BEAUTIFUL. Those illustrations, you guys ^.^
The Sky and the Dea by Kevin J. Johnson was a book of poetry and short stories. It was a complete flop for me, but I will be reviewing that, so more on it later. 
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn… another flop for me. Worse though, because I couldn’t get into it at all. I would’ve ditched the book if it hadn’t been something I had to read for class. I feel bad though, because it’s a novel of strife based on the author’s true story in Stalinist Russia. 
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculair Children by Ransom Riggs was brilliant. I loved the writing style, the story, the characters. I just wish the pace was a bit faster at the beginning, and there seems to be one glaring plot hole? More on that one later too. 
And last but not least, Like Water on Stone by Dana Walrath. Of the three novels in verse I tried, this was by far the most moving and emotional. Based on a true, historical story to do with escaping the Armenian genocide, this touched my heart in every way. And it was written beautifully too. 

That’s it for the month of October!

Olivia’s Question: How was October for you? Any plans for this weekend or how you’ll be spending the rest of November?

Olivia-Savannah x

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