Camel Pose [Yogi Dragoness]

Camel Pose [Yogi Dragoness]
Hi everyone! Eeee, it’s almost 2017 D:
Today I am going to be starting a new series of posts which I hope you’ll be seeing a lot more in the coming year. This year was when I really started to get a bit more serious about yoga – which is something you’ve probably seen in my life updates. But I wanted to share some of my yoga progress here on my blog, like I do on my instagram account. 

I thought the best pose to start with would be my favourite pose, the camel pose. I have a love hate relationship with a lot of yoga poses. When I started doing this one for the first time, I didn’t hate it… but I found it quite uncomfortable. Not because of the back bend to it – but because when your head is thrown back in that position and your neck is stretched out like that it can be hard to breathe. 

However, over time this quickly became a favourite of mine. I use it to warm up for any deeper back bend poses I want to try. I take the time to pause and really breathe in it. The more breathing I worked on doing, the easier it became, and more comfortable. I don’t think there are many yoga sessions where this one isn’t included. 

And when my sister and I went to the beach in summer, it was nice to get a quick snap of this as well. How I miss summer :'(
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Olivia’s Question: Have you ever given yoga a try? Would you like to?
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