Initiate [Book Review]

Initiate [Book Review]
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Title: Initiate
Author: Laura L. Fox
Publisher: OfTomes
Rating: 2 Stars
Review: I
really really wanted to be able to love this novel, as I have loved some other
novels by this publisher. But for some reason, it just wasn’t really working
for me.
At the beginning, I felt like the pace was far too slow.
The writing is pretty descriptive, which means it takes time for me to get a
grip of the world we are involved in. And even though this world building is
very unique and unlike anything I have read before, it took me way too long to
get personally immersed in it, which means I never really felt as wrapped up in
the wonderful world as I could have been. And because of the slow pace, I felt
even more bored in some regards.
I did like the characters well enough. Mynta was bright
and bubbly and always energetic. Our main character, Riga, didn’t have the nicest
of names (please note: this is a personal opinion and in no way affects my
rating of the novel!) She was determined though, and she wouldn’t let anyone
stop her curiosity, which is something you really have to admire in the girl. I
liked them well enough, and we got to know about Riga’s background and why her
mother/daughter relationship isn’t the best one. But for some reason, I always
felt pretty distant from the main characters, and could never properly connect
with them. Which meant I always felt distant… from the world and the characters
Then the story happened to be pretty slow too. By way of
suspense, I felt like it was lacking. In the first quarter I have to admit that
I was bored out of my mind. About halfway, things start to pick up a bit. But
it never got me going enough for me to want to turn the pages and read further.
What I really did like about the book was the slow burn
romance. The love interest, Rhys, was such a nice guy. He was thoughtful and
caring and always there for Riga. We get to know a little bit about his
backstory as well, and I liked what I read. In the end, I was pretty eager to
get to the parts where Rhys was included, especially towards the end. It’s an
entirely innocent, clean, young adult friendly kind of romance. But still, it’s
the good kind with none of the ridiculousness of love triangles and all those


There was a conspiracy theory in the novel, and that’s
what the book really centered around. When this was mentioned, I was pretty
curious and I was finally getting into it! But this was towards the end, and
before I knew it the book just – it just stopped! The ending was there and it
was sudden and abrupt. I felt kind of cheated by it to be honest… I thought
there would be more to it. I know there is going to be a sequel… but I’m not
sure about it yet.
Maybe this one
wasn’t for me, but it could be for you! If you like:
 Slow burn
romances, a detailed and creative world building, a focus on the working of
relationships and what they can survive and have a taste for apocalyptic
novels, this may work out better for you! So don’t be afraid to still give it a
Gif Summary:

Olivia’s Question: Do you DNF (Did not finish) a book if
it just isn’t working out for you?
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