The Tunnel [Book Review]

The Tunnel [Book Review]
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Title: The Tunnel
Author: Helene Louard
Publisher: DreamBig Publishing
Published Date: 19th August 2016
Rating: 3 Stars
*Thanks to the author for the review copy*
Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Alexa enters a strange tunnel on a nameless road; and
her life changes forever. She is sent to the future, where the earth is ravaged
by mutated animals and ruled by the Others: monsters that were once human. 

Before a mutated dog tears her to shreds, she is
rescued and taken to Shelter, where the few human survivors remain.

There, she meets two warrior brothers, Micah and
Tane. Micah is warm-hearted and flirtatious, while his brother is mysterious
and guarded. Despite her better judgment, Alexa is drawn to the dangerous Tane,
but she has bigger problems than unrequited emotion.

Soon, she questions how she ended up in the
future. Why did the tunnel choose her, and why are the people of Shelter so
welcoming? Tane is entrusted with her protection, but even more questions arise
as Alexa begins to suspect the Others are out to get her. Alexa could hold the
power to save the human race, but first, she must make a devastating choice
that will alter the fate of the world.
Review: The
Tunnel was actually a novel I was given to read and review on my channel, but
writing written reviews is just something I love doing. So somehow, I’ve ended
up writing this as well.
I had my ups and downs when reading this novel. A key
element as to why I couldn’t love it further was the writing style. I have to
admit that it was pretty juvenile, and it kept the whole novel feeling a little
on the “young” side despite the maturity of what was happening at times. So I
felt like those two sides of things did not always add up well. And the
beginning, the prologue, left me very very confused.
However, we get through that and once the real story
started, I actually managed to really enjoy it. When I mention the real story,
I mean the part where she is thrown into the future. When she gets to the
future, I found the world building to have been done exceptionally well. We get
a real feel for the world she is put into, and there are solid explanations
which are believable for all the changes that have happened since. Especially
for the development of what they call the Others in the novel.
Then we get to the characters. There’s the protagonist,
Alexa, who I really liked. I thought she was a very feisty, and
jump-in-ask-questions-later kind of person. I thought she handled the
transition pretty well (but with drawbacks, so it was still realistic) and I
just liked her go-getter kind of attitude. The only thing I didn’t like about
her – well, maybe not about her but
to do with her – is that she ended up being the damsel in distress a few too
many times for me to appreciate how women were being represented. But then
again, there are also times where she is saving people, and she has been thrown
into this unfamiliar world and doesn’t know how to protect herself. So maybe
it’s only fair she ends up in that kind of situation quite a lot. Hmm…
There’s also the two brothers, Micah and Tane. I liked
Micah well enough and his kindness, but I practically FELL IN LOVE with Tane. I
don’t usually like the indifferent stand-offish kind of characters, but Tane
was my exception. I just couldn’t get enough of the scenes which included him.
Which thankfully ended up being quite a few. He may have been why I found this
book so addicting, and sailed through it.
There was a bit of a love triangle. Only in the beginning
of the novel though, because it is a petty kind of one. We all know who she is
going to choose, and thankfully the novel doesn’t dwell on it, and the love
triangle is gone within the first third of the book. So we can have the super
intense, but clean, romance throughout the rest of the novel. Which just so
happens to be one of the best parts of the book as well.
The ending was brimming over with suspense and tension! I
loved it. There was a key explanation I needed at the ending, which was kind of
skipped over and briefly explained later, but I wanted a bit more info!
Also, one plot hole. They have to be in the present to
fix the future (this isn’t a spoiler), but the thing is, that some people end
up dying in the last fight before they get there. And at the end of the book
they mention how they are always thinking about those people who died for the
cause… but seeing as they are dying in the future and technically it hasn’t
happened yet, if they go back and save the future, aren’t they all alive and
well? Shouldn’t they no longer be mourning?
I was a little confused on that aspect of things.
So this review has been the ups and downs of this book.
But the short and sweet is that I read it in only a few days and I was so
addicted, I wanted to do nothing but read!

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Olivia’s Question: If you got sent to the future, what
would be the first thing you wanted to check out or do? First thoughts?
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