Blood Red, Snow White [Book Review]

Blood Red, Snow White [Book Review]
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Title: Blood Red, Snow White
Author: Marcus Sedgwick
Publisher: Orion Children’s Books
Published Date: 1st July 2007
Rating: 3 Stars
*Thanks to the publisher for the review copy*
Synopsis: Russia wakes from a long sleep and marches to St Petersburg to claim her
birthright. Her awakening will mark the end for the Romanovs, and the dawn of a
new era that changed the world. Arthur Ransome, a journalist and writer, was
part of it all. He left his family in England and fell in love with Russia and
a Russian woman. This is his story.
Review: I was
highly anticipating Blood Red, Snow White
because it was going to be the first Sedgwick novel that I’d ever read. He
is an author I am constantly hearing about, so I was very excited to read this
book. And although I did enjoy it, I didn’t love it as much as I truly wanted
This novel is told in a fairytale writing style. In the
beginning, I was in awe of it. I thought it added a sense of magic to the
entire story, and it worked well with the symbolism that was in place for the
Russian Revolution. But as the whole novel continued on, this writing style
seemed a little annoying, and the too short chapters became frustrating. I just
wanted it to be written a normal writing style and get on with the story. And
sure enough, the further into the novel I got, the more the writing style
seemed to fade away, almost as if the author was done with that illusion too.
The plot was decently good. It was grounded in the
history of the Russian revolution, and then in the world war that followed it.
Arthur is a journalist who gets caught up in the political and violent Russia
which he has fallen in love with. We get to see a lot of horrors unveiling, but
the author keeps us slightly distant from them as he is keeping this a friendly
novel than one full of graphics to scare away young readers. I liked the plot
well enough.
The characters were decent. We have Arthur, our
passionate and slightly clueless main character. He has a child and a wife who
he has left behind in England, and then he falls in love with Eva in Russia. Of
course, romance in Russia is hard because there are sides, and Eva and him are
on different ones. Also, Arthur does love his daughter, although he doesn’t
love Ivy anymore. He struggles between the family man and wanting to be with
the one he really loves. Although there wasn’t a character I disliked, I didn’t
really feel that invested in any of the other characters either.
When it comes down to this novel, I did like it, but I
didn’t have a sense of depth when reading this novel. I didn’t care about it
enough to love it particularly well. I fell in love with the cover, but that’s
as far as my emotions go for the novel itself.
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