Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast [Yogi Dragoness & Giveaway!]

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast [Yogi Dragoness & Giveaway!]
Hello everyone!
“Sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. 
That’s one of my favourite quotes from the book (even though I didn’t really like the book), but I’m not sure how much truth there really is in that. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really wake up much before breakfast. The most I can do on a school morning is have my bible study. On the weekends, sometimes I can do my workout and yoga practice. But that it’s at the most. Not six impossible things for me. 
On my clean eating journey, I started to follow a lot of healthy bloggers and instagram accounts. Almost every single one was talking about ‘overnight oats,’ or ‘the best things to put in your oats,’ or pretty much anything to do with oats. If it wasn’t for smoothie bowls and avocado toast, I would believe it was the only thing they ate for breakfast!
But alas, I decided I was going to give oats a try myself. And while overnight oats aren’t really my thing because I’m much more a fan of warm milk than cold, I have fallen in love with oats. It takes a little bit of mastering to know just how much oats to include with the right amount of milk, but once you have that, I’d recommend a few different things.
First of all, I don’t add any sugar myself. But some people like a bit of sugar. I substitute with honey. And a requirement for me? Bananas. Bananas in oats is simply the best combination, and it’s really quick and easy too.
Another thing I like to have in my oats is warm apples and cinnamon. I usually just dice up an apple, sprinkle the bits with cinnamon and warm them in the microwave for 30 seconds. You can leave them in a little longer if you want them warmer. If you put those in your oats it’s bliss. Especially if there are bananas as well as the apples and cinnamon. 
Lastly, one day we had leftover apple crumble from a party. And yes, I did put apple crumble in my oats. But really, when I made the apple crumble it is basically the apples and cinnamon with the crumble on top. The crumble is made from sugar, flour and butter. Only two of those ingredients sound a bit weird when it comes to including it in oats. But I dare you to give it a try. You might just love it. Even better? Apple crumble banana oats. 
I think you realise by now, I just really love banana ๐Ÿ˜€

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Olivia’s Question: What do you usually eat for breakfast?
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