The Rhine Valley [My Travels]

The Rhine Valley [My Travels]
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My travels is a series here on Olivia’s Catastrophe where I talk about the places I have been to, and what they were like. I want you all to come on my trips with me!

This post is going to be about our trip to Germany in the summer of 2016. We went to Efe, which is also known as the Rhine Valley. It was absolutely beautiful there We stayed in a little apartment kind of house, surrounded by all this greenery and nature. In fact, everywhere we went, we were surrounded by blue skies and lovely green. It was absolutely beautiful.

At one point in our trip we decided we would do a little hike, and walk. My younger sister is in a wheelchair, so when it got to the muddy parts it required a bit more arm strength than I think us girls expected. It was tough going and we didn’t complete the trail (we double backed at one point.) It was fun, but very very exhausting as well. My family aren’t the type to usually go on hikes when it comes to holidays as well, so this was something new to us!

We also went to a castle. It’s kind of tradition in my family that whenever we go on a holiday altogether, that we do stop by some sort of castle. This one was nice, pretty quiet, and we could climb a lot and take nice pictures from a high up place. I enjoyed it. :3

We took a day trip to Cologne as well, so we could see some of the sights there. I really loved discovering the cathedral and everything it had in store for us. It was absolutely breath taking. The stain glass windows were gorgeous, the floor artwork had me wanting to take pictures every time I took a single step, and it was just… it was just so lovely and magnificent! If you go to Cologne, make sure you stop by there!

 Of course, that wasn’t the only thing we did in Cologne. We wandered around and admired the view. We managed to find a bridge with locks, and if you know me, you know how much I love the idea of leaving locks on bridges as memories. So I took quite a few photos there as well. 

There were also quite a few trips to eat out. So of my favourites included a smoked salmon and egg bagel which I loved, and some pork which I had for dinner one day. Food always makes me happy :3

We visited a zoo, and I have to admit – not all the owls looked very happy to be there. There were museum trips, boat rides and even a beach trip. (Fun fact: even though I look happy in that beach picture, it is actually freezing…)

That’s all I have to say about my trip in Germany with the family! It was a lot of fun :3 Even though we have been to Germany a few times because it’s so close to the Netherlands, we’d never been to this place before and it was so nice to explore. Thanks for joining me by reading this blog post!
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