The Sky and The Sea [Book Review]

The Sky and The Sea [Book Review]
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Title: The Sky and the Sea
Author: Kevin J. Johnson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published Date: 22nd July 2013
Rating: 2 stars
*Thank you to the author for the review copy*
Synopsis: “Back to the sea,” someone said, and many agreed, so they went.
Forsaking the land, they stepped cautiously into the waters, like newborns
opening their eyes to peer at the world for the first time. What they found was
a world that itself, seemed to be alive–shifting and swaying like some
gigantic animal. And it was here they found their new home among the rocks and
coral, the fish and fauna. Flowing through the water’s veins, they quickly
became woven into the sea’s intricate pattern. But they never forgot those who
had stayed behind. And they longed, one day, to be with them.
Review: The Sky and the Sea is a collection of
mostly poetry and a few short stories which I flew through. It took me under
half an hour to consume the whole thing, which was very fast. So here are my
When I started off with the reading, I got very excited.
The first poem was very good, and it was moving and deep. I was so satisfied
that the rest of the poems would be this way as well. But after that first one,
it got a little… juvenile and young in the writing style. The poems weren’t as
good quality as the first one, and I quickly understood why the author chose to
put that one first. I think the writing needs a bit more refining, and some of
the poems seemed to have little… point?
However, the author’s use of rhyme was always good. His
short stories were mostly good, although there were only two or three – far too
few for me to really consider this collection a collection of poetry and short
stories. I wanted there to be more stories in order for me to truly think of it
in this way.
I think the theme of it being about the sky and sea was
prominent in most poems… but the author strays from it from time to time. I
mean, there was a poem about popcorn and watching movies! I wondered how that
fit in with anything at all, but to each their own…
I felt like there needed to be more a conclusive end to
the collection as a whole.
I did have some favourites. IMperfect was the first poem
and it was incredibly well done. If a Tree Falls… was also meaningful, and
Floating on Ashes and Cinders was beautifully written. My favourite short story
had to be The Great Philosopher. I loved it, until the end. Because I was
tracking a deeper meaning to the story but then the end kinda ruined that. But
the beginning was really good.
All in all, I just don’t think this collection was one
for me…
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