Banana Bread is my Best Friend

Banana Bread is my Best Friend

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So today I am sharing the recipe for the banana bread I have been making like crazy. If you know me, you know I like to have fun making things in the kitchen, but I am not creative when it comes to cooking and baking. Which means I need to follow a recipe in most cases. So actually, I am sharing a recipe which I found online. But when it comes to online recipes, sometimes they sound so good when you read through them, but they simply don’t work out when you make them. I’ve decided to make a bunch of things from recipes I find on the internet, and let you know if they are Olivia’s Catastrophe approved or not πŸ˜‰
First up, Moist Banana Bread! The original recipe is here!
I’ve followed this recipe multiple times, so believe me when I say that the result is not as moist as the recipe will let you believe it is going to be. However, it is still moist enough to be very good and appreciated by the people who try it (again, has been tested by my mums work mates and my classmates.)
I’ve followed the original recipe, and it worked out pretty good. Occasionally, I added a half glass of milk when I thought the mixture looked a bit dry and I knew I wanted it to turn out a bit more moist after being in the oven. So that is something else you can add to the bowl if you want to lean a bit more on the moist side. 
Also, as I have been trying to eat healthier, when I made this recipe a couple of times, I halved the amount of sugar that went into it. It actually tasted almost the same and was still pretty good. So that’s another adaption you can include if you want to!
Following this recipe left me a result which had me pleased and I love it. I also have learned how to make this off by heart since – that’s how much I’ve fallen in love with it. I hope you enjoy making this one too!

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