Bluff [Book Review & Giveaway!]

Bluff [Book Review & Giveaway!]
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Title: Bluff
Author: Julie Dill
Publisher: Amberjack Publishing
Published Date: 7th February 2017
Rating: 3 Stars
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Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Chelsea Knowles is surrounded by the privileged.
Michael Kors gym bags and designer shoes are part of her daily scene, but the
talented cheerleader has a secret: she and her dad can barely pay the bills.
Broken by his wife walking out on their family, Chelsea’s father ignores his
responsibilities. Between cheer costs, grocery bills, electricity, and other
regular financial burdens, it’s no surprise when a cut-off notice arrives in
the mail. Chelsea knows it’ll be up to her to keep the lights on.

With the deck stacked against her, Chelsea decides
to bet their future on the dubious poker knowledge she learned from her father
before he gave up on parenting. Nervous but determined, Chelsea heads to a
casino with very little security and wins big. Thrilled by her win, she’s
quickly drawn to the casino again and again. She risks it all, especially when
the attractive, young pit boss takes an interest in her.

Chelsea’s life, no longer filled with
cheerleading, school, and hanging out with her friends, is now consumed by
smoky casino floors and the ups and downs of a gambler’s life. True gamblers
know when to fold, but Chelsea keeps betting long after her needs are met. The
complicated web of lies soon begins to spin out of control, threatening to
expose everything. Will someone see through her bluff?

Review: Bluff was a book I decided I wanted to
read on a whim. I don’t do that too often anymore because I have plenty of
books that I own which I should read already. But the cover and the synopsis
intrigued me. It was also a book about something I don’t read about often at
all – gambling, and the addiction that comes with it. I was intrigued.
The story here was pretty straightforward. Chelsea needs
the money, so she pretends to be someone that she isn’t in order to get it.
However, she makes a life for herself out there. She makes friends, she starts
to date this older guy, and she’s still struggling to balance her usual,
everyday life as well. There aren’t too many characters to the story, and the
plot focuses on this alone. But it was enough to have me hooked, and I flew
through the book quickly.
I was mostly wondering when everything would fall to
pieces for her, and when her lies would catch up with her. It’s quite realistic
with how everything goes down. The most interesting thing was to see how she
kind of separated herself from her real life to trade it in for the addiction
one. She really doesn’t realise how addicted she is, and how she is ending up
in over her head. As someone who doesn’t play cards at all as well, I kind of
enjoyed reading and learning more about the game from this one.
The writing was straight forward and simple, but I didn’t
mind. The style suited the novel appropriately and I wouldn’t have had it any
other way. It was definitely descriptive enough when it needed to b, and simply
met all of my needs when it comes to writing styles.
I wished for a wider range in characters at times, or
more of a subplot to liven things up a bit. But it was okay without one. Oh,
and I felt like the ending was a bit rushed. It was a bit disappointing,
because I really believed the main character had achieved something in
particular. Yet, at the same time, I do believe the ending was realistic as
well. Despite it being all those things, it could have been a bit more slowed
down and developed, like the rest of the novel was.
All in all, this was a quick, nice read which maintained
my interest all the way through. It may not have had that wow factor to make me
fall in love with it, but not every book needs that to work out well.
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