January Wrap Up 2017

January Wrap Up 2017
Good morning everyone :3
Today I’m sharing my January wrap up – my first wrap up post of 2017! Here goes!
January was a pretty mixed month for me. It was back to school after a couple of days… and time to get back into reality. A few of my friends had their birthdays this month, so there were quite a few parties mixed among all the school deadlines I had looming over me. 
I also turned 18 myself! My birthday was on the 29th. 😀 I had a shared party with a good friend of mine, and that was a really fun night. To celebrate with family we went out for dinner, and it was quite delicious – and filling! 
I got my hair styled differently this month. The style is not what you see in the photo. That’s just me with natural hair in my transition phase. I do not like my hairstyle. I’ve gone back to having it all one colour, black, but the style just doesn’t work out for me… And now I am stuck with it for the next couple of months/weeks. Yay -.-

For some reason, this month I always felt exhausted. I know we just had a holiday, but I’ve been running around like crazy. Yoga, homework, clean eating, basketball, keeping up with my blog, channel and instagram. It has been manageable and happening, but it makes me so so tired. I feel like I need another holiday already. 
Lonna and I decided to dissolve our online Goodreads book club which we were running together. There will be no more updates for Owls Be Reading. I always wanted to experience being part of a book club, and when I decided I would make that happen by running one, I never knew what a wonderful experience it was going to be. Lonna, thank you so much for hosting with me. 
I rejoined my writing website which I left last year. I was offered a new, higher, moderating position. It’s hard for me to always be present – but I am going to try and do my best. I hope it’ll work out. I remember when I joined the site about 6 years ago dreaming about the position I was granted. I’m looking forward to making the dreaming worth it. 
Also, the news about Beyonce having twins made me so happy. I don’t know why. She isn’t my role model, and she isn’t someone I know. I do love her music though, and I’m happy for her either way 😛
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I managed to read eight books in January, which is a good amount to me! I was happy. My first read of the year was Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. It was so much fun and a great way to kick off the reading year. 
Winter by Marissa Meyer was everything I wanted for the conclusion of this series. It’s probably one of the best series endings I have EVER read. I went to fangirl heaven. I talked about this book to everyone who engaged in conversation with me during the six days it took me to read this eight hundred page book. I couldn’t think of anything else until I finished it. 
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho was another novel which lived up to expectations. It was so full of motivation, wisdom and beautiful quotes which I hope to cherish for a long time coming. 
Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett was a play I had to read for class. I hated reading it. I didn’t understand the point of it at all. 
This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab was a long awaited first read from this author for me. Thank you to anyone who recommended her to me because this book was amazing. The world was so magnificent. And I loved August a lot!
I have reviews for Trapped in Silver, Small Admissions and Freeks

Carrying two books over from January’s TBR because I didn’t finish them/get to start them… 
The Ugly – Alexander Boldizar
The Silent Songbird – Melanie Dickerson 
Article Three – Anna Jakobsson Lund
Dangerous Pilgrims – Lawrence Swaim 

 Popsugar Challenge: 8/52


New Video! Book review (more like a rant) about Alice in Wonderland. 


 Olivia’s Question: What did you get up to in January? Any new favourite reads from January?

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