Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Need A Planner!

Top Ten Reasons Why YOU Need A Planner!
Hi everyone!
Today I’m here to tell you the top ten reasons why YOU need to have a planner, just like me :3
1. You need to stay organised. 
It’s life. The way we do things, study at school or work our jobs – especially when we are parents on top of all of it, or just want to have a social life. Organisation is such a handy asset to have when you have nailed it. A planner will help you be able to do this.
2. It’s pretty.
I’m not going to lie – sometimes I pull out my planner and just flick through the pages, looking at all the gorgeous stickers. It’s so much more motivating to use something when you know it looks beautiful.
3. It’s impossible to remember everything. 
Especially when you have a bad memory like me. Which is why having a planner is useful. It’s a place to record all the deadlines or blog tours coming up, so you never miss an event, deadline or post. Oh, and having a planner is proven to help improve your memory as well. It’s a win-win situation.


4. Bloggers live for planners. 
Planners, journals, bullet journals… they’re all not that different. I’ve been seeing plenty of bloggers using them, and they certainly help when it comes to being consistent with blogging. I even use my planner to put in time slots where I’ll be checking emails, cross posting on Goodreads and other social media, or replying to blog comments. It really helps you not to feel like you’re drowning in an endless pool of little things which need to be done.
5. Makes for pretty bookstagram pictures.
Okay, okay… I think you get I like the aesthetic of planners. But really, all these photos are on/going to end up on my bookstagram account as well. So yes, it makes for a perfect prop for bookstagram.
6. It doubles up as a writing journal. 
I don’t know how many of you are fellow writers, but my planner has blank pages. I use those for writing poems, snippets of my novel when I’m away from home and so on. It’s nice to have a little creative notebook which is already going everywhere with you.
7. Setting and reaching those goals. 
Planners aren’t only for short term things which need to be remembered. I have a page dedicated to my long term goals (which also includes my new year resolutions). If you have that, then you have a constant reminder. Seeing those long term goals will help you continuously take steps towards them so they will actually get done!
8. To impress other people. 
When you pull out this beautiful planner you will get a lot of compliments. Trust me. I do.
9. That feeling of achievement. 
It’s like all your to-do lists in one place. And the best thing about to-do lists? That moment when you cross an item off your list because you’ve done it. I promise, you’ll love that feeling.
10. Creates Self-discipline.
With a planner, you’re the one in control. It can only give you the effort you put into using it. That self-discipline is going to help you in so many other areas of your life. What are you waiting for? Get your own planner?
If you want some beautiful stickers like the ones in this post, then head over to Chantilly & Co’s gorgeous etsy store and get your own!
Olivia’s Question: How do you keep organised?
Olivia-Savannah x


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