Dream Mire [Book Review]

Dream Mire [Book Review]
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Title: Dream Mire
Author: Sharman Badgett-Young
Publisher: Self-published
Published Date: 15th September 2016
Rating: 3 Stars
*Thanks to the author for the review copy*

Synopsis: Tiegen, a determined grad student, cannot tell her dreams from waking
reality. Her journal system helps her identify what’s real, but occasionally, a
dream slips through. Tiegen likes Geoff, from the UK, but hasn’t detailed her
dream disability to him, because her ex labeled her “mental,” just
before he dumped her. Tiegen overhears the plan for a hate crime, so she and
Geoff put themselves in danger as they gather evidence. They need enough facts
to convince the police to act. But how can she make Officer St. Marie take the
threat seriously, when even Tiegen isn’t always certain what’s true? DREAM MIRE
takes place in Woodsdale, Washington, like KILN ZONE, the author’s previous
release. The two stand-alone novels contain some cross-over characters in the
police department.
Review: This
novel is by an author who I know well from Instagram, and when she asked if I
would mind reviewing her self-published novel, of course I had to say yes. It
was a very fun and quick read, and I became quite invested in the story as I
was reading.
What I liked about this novel most had to be the unique
mental disability that the main character possesses. It must be so hard to live
life when you are constantly asking yourself what is and isn’t real. She has a
condition which is entirely unique – her dreams get mixed up with reality and
in the end she can’t tell what is real and what isn’t. It makes for a novel
with an unreliable narrator. Now sometimes I could predict what was and wasn’t
going to end up being a dream. But there were small things which I wouldn’t
have given the thought to them in order to even consider whether or not they
were a dream, until we were told otherwise!
I also really liked the plot of the novel. In it, Tiegen
overhears two men discussing a hate crime they want to commit, which could make
some people get hurt. Her biggest problem is that she doesn’t entirely trust
her memory, and doesn’t want to make any false accusations. Hence, her and
Geoff end up doing everything they can do to try and find some concrete
evidence to prove that she isn’t confusing reality with her dreams. They end up
in over their heads though, and in the end there is plenty of action, drama and
danger included in the novel as well.
I quite liked the characters but didn’t fall for them as
much as I would want to when reading a novel. I could never quite get into
Geoff’s character – mostly because he smokes pot. Tiegen did have an issue with
that, and he did limit how much he smoked because of it. But I’m not sure why
it bothered me as much as it did, but it did for some reason. It made me have a
distance from his character which wouldn’t have been there otherwise. I did
like Tiegen though, and how she was so determined to not let her mental illness
get the better of her.
The writing style was something I had a bit of an issue
with when reading. I felt like it was quite simplistic and straight forward…
maybe a little too much for my taste? I would have wanted a bit more of a
descriptive and engaging writing style, but that is my personal taste. Maybe
this writing will work better for some other readers than it did for me.
What I enjoyed most about this novel were the themes.
There is the determination of Tiegen in conquering her mental illness, and not
letting it get the better of her. We see the trust Geoff has to put in Tiegen
to believe her before anyone else does. There is the theme of racism and
discrimination against immigrants and those of a different religious background
than your own, because those are the kind of people the characters committing
the hate crime are targeting. The author handles all of those themes quite
I enjoyed reading this one!
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