February Wrap Up 2017

February Wrap Up 2017

Happy Sunday!

Is it just me who can never seem to get her monthly wrap up posted on time? Nonetheless, here goes…

One of the first things I managed to achieve in February was finishing my 30 Days Abs Challenge! I have been working on that for a while, using a 30 day challenge app on my phone. I’m at no six pack yet, but my abs feel a lot more toned and strong, which is good. Core is nearly everything when it comes to yoga!
I also spent a lot of time baking. It was my turn to bake something for my English class, and then there was a bake sale for charity that I baked for. My mum also had a friend recovering from illness so I baked her a banana cake too. That summed up to one apple crumble and three banana cakes… and some late night baking πŸ˜€
I got really ill with the flu. So ill, that I couldn’t even read. I think I took a whole week off of school, which is far longer than I have ever taken for being sick. It was all shades of horrible. I am so glad that is behind me. 
I also handed in my last internal assessment for the IB. IB is the course I am doing at school, and there are multiple assignments and essays you have to hand in. Economics was my last one, which means i am completely done with all coursework! The only thing I have to go now is my mock exams in March and then my final exams *gulp* in May…
I went birthday shopping with my family, and went out to dinner. It was a very nice night. I managed to FINALLY get some proper basketball shoes. For the length of time I have been playing, you would think I owned some. But now I have a nice sleek black pair πŸ˜€ I also bought a cross necklace. I had one when I was younger, but it broke and the jewels fell out. It’s nice to be wearing a cross around again. 
There was carnival celebrated here in the Netherlands. I didn’t really celebrate it. There was the carnival holiday, which was a week long. But mock exams started the week after that, so I was basically studying throughout the holiday. As you can see below, a hardcore study session with my little sister was in process. 

When it comes to watching shows, I got back into it. I have a love hate relationship with watching series. I either watch ALL THE SERIES or none. I finished Season 3 of Sherlock, Season 1 of Baby Daddy and started Season 4 of Supernatural. Go me πŸ˜€
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I know what you’re thinking. Five books is one under my usual count of six books. (Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that at all.) But until May is over and done with, I will probably be reading a whole lot less than I usually do. Mostly because I have so much to study for my final exams, that reading time is going to be quite limited. I consider this a very good month in comparison to how March is going at the moment >.> 

I have posted my reviews for He Will Be My Ruin, Dream Mire and Bluff. 

The Ugly was a very interesting book… but I will leave it at that because I have a book review for that one upcoming. 

The Marvels was a nice read, and the illustrations were gorgeous! It was a blind date book actually, so I didn’t realise how much of a middle grade read it was going to be until I was done with the book. Which made it quite cheesy and not really what I would’ve chosen to read myself? But yeah, it was still fun I guess.

Yes, I did just say I won’t have much time for reading. And yet my TBR is five books long. Nope, I don’t understand what I was thinking either. Alas, here are the books (three of which are carried over because I didn’t get to them before.)
Dangerous Pilgrims by Lawrence Swaim 
The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson 
Article Three by Anna Jakobsson Lund 
The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis 
Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

My goal has been to post almost every two days in 2017. I managed it in January and I’m pretty proud to say I managed it in February as well. This is why I love prescheduling. 

  Popsugar Challenge: 16/52

That’s it! 

Olivia’s Question: How was your February? What was your favourite read of the month?

Olivia-Savannah x 

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