Forward Seated Fold (Patience) ~ Yogi Dragoness

Forward Seated Fold (Patience) ~ Yogi Dragoness
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In life we all face different challenges and have different ways of tackling them… and when it comes to hobbies and things we love doing, we sometimes face those challenges as well. When it comes to yoga, one of the biggest challenges is getting into a new pose. Not because a new pose means that there is something to do that you’ve never done before… but because a new pose means you usually need to acquire a new level of flexibility. It means you need to push your body to do things it has never done before. Usually, that takes patience. Because when it comes to yoga I quickly learned that getting into a new pose doesn’t usually take hours, or days, or weeks…
Sometimes it can take months. 

You’ll probably think I am a patient person. To grow a blog, you have to be patient. To read a book, you need patience. Do make intricate designs on your nails, you need patience. And even though I can easily be patient when it comes to those kind of things, when it comes to fitness and seeing results, I’m probably one of the most impatient people you’ll ever meet. 
Which is exactly why yoga is so good for me. It contradicts basketball (my other sport) where the game is in the moment, and you need to see results immediately or you’ll be losing the game. Yoga is independent. You’re the only player. You need to take care of your body and you need to take the time to breathe and gradually adjust to what your body can do. 
The first pose I decided was going to be a goal of mine was the forward seated fold. I could already touch my toes (basketball warm up stretches helped me with that), but being able to fold in half completely? Nope. Wasn’t happening straight away. 
Eventually, you learn the tips and tricks with your instructor (or online instructor, as she is in my case) about how you should be thinking of putting your belly to your thighs, instead of your head to your knees. How pointing your toes makes it marginally easier (at least to me), and so on… All those things help, but daily practice and patience is what gets you there. 

Slowly, I managed to make my stomach reach my thighs. Slowly, I managed to fold over completely. But I didn’t stop there. I continued to keep this goal as my pose until I felt comfortable in it. Until I felt like I could breathe in this position easily. It was new to me, keeping a goal until I had mastered it instead of until I had reached it. 
I guess that’s what patience teaches you. 
Olivia’s Question: What’s one goal you have your mind set on right now?
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