Strawberry, Orange & Banana Smoothie [Recipe]

Strawberry, Orange & Banana Smoothie [Recipe]

Good morning, everyone!

When I last posted a smoothie recipe, a lot of people commented and mentioned that I should really try adding strawberries to my smoothies. Now, I actually do listen to you and love reading all your comments, so I took your advice. And you all couldn’t have been more right. Because this smoothie was delicious. 

These ingredients made enough for my sister and I, and it was also good to store for a night – usually I have to drink the smoothie fresh when it is made. I admit it does taste best when it is fresh, but this one can be stored for a day if you want to do so!

Here’s the ingredients: 
2 oranges
1 banana 
A handful of strawberries (I have quite large hands, so it equated to half a Dutch packet of strawberries.)
Here’s what to do: 

1. Peel the two oranges and juice them. 
2. Cut the banana into chunks and put that in the blender.
3. Remove the green tops from the strawberries and put them in the blender.
4. Put in the orange juice, and then blend until smooth!

Pretty easy and absolutely delicious, as well as good for you ^.^


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