Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass & Sylvie and Bruno [Mini Reviews]

Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass & Sylvie and Bruno [Mini Reviews]
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Title: Alice in Wonderland (Alice #1)
Author:  Lewis Carroll
Publisher:  Macmillan
Published Date: 1865
Rating: 3 stars
Synopsis: One day, a young girl named Alice is
sitting on the riverbank with her sister, when she sees a curious looking white
rabbit. She soon after falls into the magical world of Wonderland, where she
meets a series of strange creatures.
Review: I was
so excited to be reading the original! It was about time, especially after all
those retellings like Insanity by Cameron Jace amongst many others. Reading
this, I quickly realised that those retellings took the elements they wanted
from the story and changed a few, leaving quite a lot of it out.
It was an easy book to read even though it was a classic.
No complicated language in this one. It was humorous and I liked the twists on
words and word play that there was quite a lot of in this one. I liked Alice’s
curiosity and the way she thought about things.
I was pretty confused throughout the majority of this
though. It was so nonsensical! I am sure there is a lot of meanings you can
read into this fuddle of a story, and maybe some that we choose to read into it
that Carroll never meant to represent. But I, for one, couldn’t understand
which made this story seem like a lot of nonsense jumbled together. I hate
confusing stories and that bothered me a lot.
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The descriptions were short but essential to the story
for understanding (or what little of there this is.) I did like how there were
a few life lessons scattered along the story, which were nice to see.
Quote: “And
what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations.”
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Title: Through the Looking Glass (Alice #2)
Author:  Lewis Carroll
Publisher:  Macmillan
Published Date: 1871
Rating: 2 stars
Synopsis: Nothing is quite what it seems once
Alice journeys through the looking-glass, and Dodgson’s wit is infectious as he
explores concepts of mirror imagery, time running backward, and strategies of
chess-all wrapped up in the exploits of a spirited young girl who parries with
the Red Queen, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and other unlikely characters. In
many ways, this sequel has had an even greater impact on today’s pop culture
than the first book.
Review: Oh
dear, I disliked this one even more than the first one. It was just as
nonsensical, but even more so if that
was possible. Unlike the first book this one was harder for me to follow, and
because of that I got bored in some places and it was pretty hard for me to
work my way through this book as short as it is.
I loved the poetry though. I have to say, even if I am
not one for Lewis Carroll’s stories, I definitely love his poetry. There were
poems scattered throughout this story all the way and in those I could deem a
meaning and possibility things he was referring to. But in the story itself? I
couldn’t find any meaning at all…
I don’t really have much to say. But it was a good to
experience the originals of this story. I will be trying some more Lewis
Carroll in the future hopefully.
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Title: Sylvie and Bruno
(Sylvie and Bruno #1)
Author:  Lewis
Publisher:  Macmillian
Published Date: 1889
Rating:  2 stars
Synopsis:  Carroll’s
last major work: bizarre adventures of 2 young children, combining Carrollian
nonsense, linguistic play and philosophical reflection. 46 illustrations

In this novel, Carroll set out to write a
children’s morality tale that was more typical of the style of children’s
fiction of his day.

Review: I
think that synopsis kind of got this book down to pat. Sylvie and Bruno were
two kids who this man seemed to meet in his dreams whenever he fell asleep and
believed were faeries. I am not entirely sure what this book was about, and it
seemed to just be a collection of stories about what happened when he was
asleep and going on adventures with the two children. I know that this is
supposed to be childrens literature for his time and I can respect that, but it
was a bit hard for me to follow myself.
I think it would’ve been nicer if it simply stuck to
being about tales of a man and the two children. Instead we see glimpses of his
real life when he is awake and not simply imagining which is a bit annoying
because it is hard to tell when he is switching from real life to the dream
life. It happens suddenly and well, sometimes I got a bit lost as to when the
transitions were happening.
This book was still nonsensical like the rest of his
works. I don’t entirely understand them, but I understood this more than Alice
in Wonderland.
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Olivia’s Question: Do you like reading the original
stories which fuel many of the retellings?

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