Article Three [Book Review]

Article Three [Book Review]
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Title: Article Three (The System #1)
Author: Anna Jakobsson Lund
Translator: Clare Barnes
Publisher: Tredje Principen
Published Date: 3rd March 2015
Rating: 3 Stars
*Thanks to the author for the review copy*
Synopsis: Trust will get you killed – and trust will keep you alive

In a world where the System governs everything, Ava’s a rebel
– one who can control other people’s thoughts with her mind. As part of a
resistance movement preparing for war, this is a useful skill. 

Levi stopped believing in the struggle for freedom when it
snatched his parents from him. Now he’s just trying to live a quiet life and
control the voices that threaten his sanity. 

One night Levi’s sister is arrested. To free her, he has to
break old promises and get involved with people he swore he’d never associate
with. Ava’s ordered to help him and, together, they leave on a rescue mission.
She says he has to trust the rebels. But should they?

Review: Article Three is a novel written by an
author who I became friends with through Instagram. Of course I was happy
enough to review her novel for her when she asked me to. What’s so interesting
about this novel is that it wasn’t originally written in English. I actually read this novel right in the middle of my reading
slump. It didn’t pull me out of it, but it made me realise that it was lack of
time and not lack of enjoyment when reading that was the issue. Because I
managed to race through this one and I really enjoyed it.
The writing style is very simple and straightforward, but
it never gets too simplified that it steals the enjoyment of reading. I think
the best novel I could compare this to would have to be The Hunger Games when it comes to that direct writing style.
Personally, I think that kind of writing style worked better for this novel
than that one, because here one of the main characters has that way of
thinking. Because the writing style really matches her way of thinking, it drew
me even closer to the character.
I also really liked the world building. Lund has managed
to find the perfect balance between giving us just enough detail so that we can
understand how the world works, and the characters role in this world, and not
overflooding us with too much unnecessary information. What we needed to know,
we knew with time. I liked that. And some of the descriptions were done in
detail too, so they sounded beautiful. But it was never overdone. Lund did that
When it comes to the main characters, there are two
perspectives we get to see from. One of them is Ava. Ava kind of reminded me of
Dean from Supernatural a little bit
in the fact that she was so used to getting orders and always following them.
She’s entirely dedicated to the cause of the rebellion, but she also has her
own secret motive. We get to slowly see that motive as the story plays on. The
best thing about seeing her character development was that as it became clear
that they couldn’t trust anyone anymore, she had to learn to be more
independent. She could no longer simply follow orders. As we slowly see her
move away from that, her character flourishes. It took me a while to really appreciate
her, but when I did, I loved her.
Levi was someone I appreciated right from the beginning.
He’s very impulsive, and honest. It’s hard for him to keep from acting out on
his emotions. Maybe because he was the complete opposite to me in that aspect,
it made me like him all the more. He wants no part of being in the rebellion,
but he is doing it to help rescue his sister. It’s clear how strong their
relationship is, and as family was his driving force it made me like him all
the more. Levi also has his own secret. The reader gets to know it, but the
other characters don’t. I liked that this secret was presented differently from
Ava’s, where the reader doesn’t know. The author played on us having more
knowledge than the other characters well.
Even though we feel like we know all of Levi’s secrets…
well, there is still a little bit of a plot twist that I didn’t expect.
The main themes in this novel are addiction and also
trust, despite there being plenty of action and this being an espionage action
novel. The best thing was how the trust was presented. Levi and Ava don’t
particularly want to trust each
other. But when Ava has to use her faculty (it’s kind of like a weak power), to
save Levi, they become connected as Ava gets a taste of her feelings and Levi
gets a taste of hers. They then know they are both keeping secrets… and the
feelings that those secrets evoke. It makes an interesting twist to the novel.
There is also a secondary character, Leymah, who travels
along with them. They come into contact with a few other characters too, but I
don’t want to ramble on about them too much. They were all well-developed
though, and had their own presence in the story, which was great.
Lastly, I want to mention the action side of the story!
Lund knows how to pull up the tension and suspense. The ending had me tense in
my seat and I abandoned what I was supposed to be doing in order to read the
book out. It was such a good end, and left at such a point that I can’t wait to
read the sequel whenever I can!

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