Beauty and the Beast [Movie Review]

Beauty and the Beast [Movie Review]

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I wanted to give a movie review of Beauty and the Beast. Everyone was completely hyped over this movie. I am a Disney fan of myself, so it didn’t really take me too long to get wrapped up in all the hype. I love the song by John Legend and Ariana Grande, and even though Beauty and the Beast was never one of my favourites as a child, or one I watched over and over again, as a bookworm, we all can identify with Belle somewhat. And was I disappointed when I went and saw the movie? Not at all! I loved it. But I can be pretty critical when I watch a movie – so do bear in mind that when I am ranting about what I didn’t like, overall I did love this movie a lot. 

Also, if for some reason you don’t know what movie I am going on about (where have you been?) here is the trailer to check out before reading my review!

I’m going to start with what I liked. What I really liked about this movie has to be the story. It’s a ‘tale as old as time,’ and one a lot of Disney lovers and children enjoy. I love the idea of all this talking furniture, and a girl who loves her father so much. Actually, if you’re someone who watches the youtube channels CinemaSins or Honest Trailers, they point out all the mistakes in the original movie which don’t make any sense. But this remake actually slightly altered the faults – and made little corrections which didn’t change the story we all loved, but made them make sense. If you have watched the movie already, you could go click those links and see what mistakes the original movie made. It’s pretty interesting to see the changes they made to correct those little plot holes. So kudos to the movie for making sure those issues were all dealt with!

Now, as this movie includes a whole bunch of talking furniture, the movie has to rely heavily on graphics for making the movie work. But they did this flawlessly. The furniture definitely had that slightly human element to it, so that we could identify with their loss and sorrow, but also see them as furniture as well. I think the moment where I most had to give it to them for this was in the song Be Our Guest. It’s a Disney classic, and they did it spectacularly. I mean, the candlestick even dabbed at one point. DABBED YOU GUYS.

As this was a modern remake, there were some modern social changes they wanted to make a few edits. I have to give it to Emma Watson for wanting to insert some feminism into the movie. I like that she said no to wearing corsets. I mean, why should she need to? And as well as that she made Belle an inventor, who was good with all things technical. But of course, the original also had a lot of feminism in it – I mean, Belle is refusing Gaston the whole time. 

There was also representation of the LGBTQ+ community. They decided to change Le Fou’s character to being gay, and there was also briefly, a cross-dressing character. But I feel like it wasn’t really much representation. It was kind of quickl thrown in, and wasn’t given a lot of light. Sure, they added a lot of humor and that was a very good element. But for something substantial like that, I was ready for there to be more of it. The best thing though, is that at least they tried. 

I was pretty satisfied with the diversity in the mix of cast… It especially stood out to me at the end of the movie. 

There is also the family element discussed in this book, which remains true to the original movie. We see that Belle is so dedicated to her father, and loves him so much. I really like that we got to see them working together at a point, because they spend the majority of the movie separated. And we can see the deep love that her father truly had for her mother. When it comes to Disney movies, there seems to be a lot of discontent in families? Evil stepmothers, deceased parents, or parents who simply aren’t present or just don’t understand… It’s a refreshing change to have a family who support each other and stick together. 

It’s now time for me to talk about the thing I disliked MOST about the movie. It’s the music. After falling in love with the John Legend and Ariana Grande song, I was so ready to love all the music. But aside from the Be Our Guest song, I really didn’t like any of the others. In fact, sometimes I wanted the songs to end >.> I don’t mean any offense to Emma Watson, but personally I don’t think she is the best singer. It wasn’t that her singing is bad. It was mediocre. But I am one of those people who when it comes to musicals, I get very very annoyed when I can actually hear the autotune that is in the songs. I mean, for musicals you kinda need people who can sing >.> I would have preferred if someone else sang her songs, to be honest, and she mouthed along. I don’t mean any offense, but I was really annoyed about that. I also did not like the singing of Tale as Old as Time. As that’s pretty much my favourite song in the movie, I was sulking a little bit in my cinema seat. So yes, the music really disappointed me here.

One of the main reasons I went to go and see the movie, is to go and see the ballroom scene. As a young child, we had a Beauty and the Beast computer game, and one of my favourite parts of the game was preparing and enacting the ballroom scene. So I was so ready to see it, and the beautiful yellow dress. I loved it so, so much. My heart pretty much exploded. Her hair was beautiful, the dress was simply GORGEOUS and the jewelry… honestly, I wish I could wear a dress like that. I wouldn’t take it off – ever!

Overall, I loved the movie. I would change the music if I could, but that’s really it. The casting, acting and the story line was done so well. The roses, costumes and the most important scenes were handled so well. I’m gonna be honest when I say this – I much prefer this real life version of the movie to the original. I pretty much stand by that statement 100 times over. 

So if you haven’t seen it yet, and you like Disney movies, then get to it! 😉

Olivia’s Question: Have you seen this movie? What did you think? Do you want to see it?

Olivia-Savannah x

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  • I looooooved this movie! I took my two oldest daughters to go see it and I cried the whole way through it because I love it so much! It's my favorite fairy tale and I love the Disney interpretation of the story. I thought the live-action version was wonderful, although I agree with you that the auto-tune on Emma Watson was distracting. Other than that, I loved it. It was beautiful.

  • One thing that really appreciated was how the movie answered a bunch of plot holes from the animated movie. I also loved how I was able to fangirl about a princess movie like a little girl again XD. And I was not the only one. The day I went to see the movie, there wasn’t a single kid in the session. All of us were just adult Disney lovers, which I thought was pretty cool ^^

    And I looooved Be Our Guest! Seriously, when the song ended I had a moment where I actually felt like I should be clapping 😃

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  • The candlestick even dabbed, haha. Now I wanna see the movie just for that. The graphics do look amazing just from the trailers though! BatB was never one of my favorite Disney movies either, but that sounds awesome that they fixed some of the little problems and that there were was feminism and the lgbt character and all that. Glad you ended up liking the movie so much!

  • Yeet, I'm glad you liked this one! 😀 I pretty much adored the furniture and the diversity of cast. But you're totally right, some of that LGBTQ+ stuff got thrown in hastily. My take on it as that Disney is owned by some pretty conservative corporations/groups, so they most likely wouldn't be blatant about it. We get a few hints of LeFou's sexuality and suddenly some parents are blowing it out of proportion! I say f that – this progress is good and encompassing. I like it.

    Totally agreed with your thoughts on the singing. Acting was great, sure, but the autotune WAS SO EASILY HEARD lol. Nevertheless, the plot holes they filled in were pretty great additions to the storyline, and the whole movie was just beautiful!

    – Aila @ Happy Indulgence

    • Yes, the diversity was brilliant. It's good that it was finally in there though, and horrible that parents are blowing it all out of proportion >> Just enjoy the movie!

      They did a fantastic job, the not-so-great parts regardless 😉

  • B&tB will always be my favorite fairy tale. I absolutely loved this movie. I thought for sure that I wouldn't really like it because I didn't enjoy the Cinderella movie a couple of years ago. It wasn't really bad, I just didn't like it. My niece wanted to get in line for tickets again after it was over, we enjoyed it so much.

  • It's nice to hear someone have the same opinion as myself when it came to the singing. The movie was good overall, but the songs did not give the same magical feelings as the original did. The other thing I did not like is the fact that they left out key lines from the original movie such as "Off to the cupboard now Chip, it's past your bedtime" and "Take whatever booty you can find, but remember the beast is mine."
    Excellent review!

    • I am glad you agree as well. I was sure I was going to be the only one who thought so. I don't remember the original well enough to think of those favourite lines, but now that you mention it, it's a shame they left those out 🙁

  • I am on the fence about going to the movies to see it. I will probably wait and watch it at home once it is out on video. Too bad you were disappointed by the music. I really think that the cartoon was good and didn't feel that they needed a remake. I am glad you enjoyed it.

  • I'm so glad you liked it! I also was amazed by how they blended the computer animation in with the live acting so flawlessly! I do see where you're coming from with the music though. While I loved all of the songs (especially the new ones like Evermore), I was slightly disappointed that they didn't do it Les Mis style and sing while acting. I know that's a particularly difficult thing to do, but you're right, you could absolutely tell that the characters were mouthing along and the songs sounded a little too perfect (like the absence of breathlessness as Belle is prancing around everywhere in the town song, etc etc). I still listen to the soundtrack on repeat though 🙂 Lovely review, Olivia!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  • I found this awesome – I love that they kept the original songs 🙂

    While it was great to have an LGBTQ+ character (IN A DISNEY FILM!!!! WOO!) if that character could not be the comedy sidekick to *the villain* – well, that'd be great! Ah well, baby steps. *sighs*

    Great review Liv 🙂

  • I enjoyed the movie but I think I prefer the original one? I found there were too many music numbers and I know those additional songs were from the musical but sometimes I wish they could have used that time to develop Belle and Beast's relationship and although the scene in Paris helped to that end I still wanted more. And I agree about Emma Watson. I think she looks like Belle but she can't sing all that well and for that reason I watched the movie in Spanish because the songs were dubbed as well and the singer was really good in my opinion. And I also think she wasn't good at some of the scenes. She acts the same way all the time and that's why I see Hermione all the time and not different characters if you know what I mean.

    • There was a lot of music, if I do think about it. But as I don't know the original movie too well, I couldn't tell you what were the added songs from otherwise. I think that helps. I couldn't remember the scene in Paris being in the original – I could be mistaken – but that aspect was a good one for the relationship for me. Yeah… Watson suits the image but the singing bothered me a lot. Ahaha, I am glad you had the Spanish version for that reason. Also, I haven't seen her act in anything else but the first two HP movies, when she is a child. So maybe that's why I didn't mind her acting style so much 😉

  • I loved this movie too! I don't care a lot about musicals, but I found this one ok. It wasn't my favorite movie either as a kid, so I was surprised to love this version so much!

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