April Wrap Up 2017

April Wrap Up 2017
Happy Thursday everyone!
I’m back to my usual schedule, and I WILL get to blog commenting back sometime this week. I’ve totally been slacking off πŸ˜€ But anyway, without further ado, here is my April Wrap Up post for you. 

Life has been bittersweet lately. I feel like it is full of endings. 
For starters, I had my last basketball game with my secondary school team, and my last training. I will be seeing them in May one more time for the final basketball evening, but man, I love those girls. I’m gonna miss them a lot…

One of my older sisters was home for a bit this month as well. I was busy studying throughout her stay, but we did watch some movies together, like Deadpool (I’ve finally seen it!) and we went and had lunch out together at Bagels and Beans. 
There was a two week holiday, but it pretty much wasn’t a holiday for me as I studied for my finals. Lots and lots of studying. I also had my last day of secondary school classes ever. I still feel like that hasn’t quite sunk in. 
The first Taco Bell in the Netherlands just happened to open in my city, so my friend and I went to go eat there after the last day of school and had a nice time talking and relaxing in the park. I quite liked it actually, and Taco Bell is so affordable. It was the first taco I’d ever tried as well, so that was something new. 
Good Friday and Easter Sunday was in April as well. My church had a 24 hour prayer into Good Friday going on. So at 11pm to midnight my mum and I took a slot, and had an hour praying in the church. I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated a whole hour to prayer, so that was extremely new to me. But it felt so good. It’s definitely something I would like to try and do again in the future. 
I also had my last tutoring sessions. I tutor English to two families. One family I’ve been tutoring for a year. It was a challenge to work with them because they didn’t speak English (their native language is Russian) and well, I don’t speak that. Flashcards have been our best friend and their English has progressed so much. I’m gonna miss them. The second family I didn’t realise I’d been tutoring them for three whole years now. They brought the most stunningly decorated cake that they made themselves as a thank you. It was almost too beautiful to eat. I’m gonna miss the kids so much as well.
As for yoga, I’ve made a bit more progress with my handstand. I can do it, I just can’t hold it for long yet. I’ve managed to be able to get into the crow pose, at long last – but it needs a lot more work. A lot more. 
Lastly, I stayed up till 5am marathoning all the Twilight movies. No regrets. They’re not the best, but I love them regardless.

 I finally had a good reading month! 15 books! 

For starters, before I binge watched all the Twilight movies, I binge read the entire Twilight Saga. It was nice to reread them, and I discovered that I still love them. I mean, I can see why people hate them. The novella is quite boring and the last book is too bizarre for my taste. But aside from that? These books shall always have my love. 

I also kept the rereading up by rereading Stygian and Sutphin Bouelvard by Santino Hassell. It got me back onto a new adult m/m romance kick and I kinda binge read more of his books. You’ll see that in May as well. I also continued on to read the sequel of Sutphin Bouelvard which was Sunset Park. It was glorious.

I have reviews for Birthright by Jessica Ruddick, Even this Page is White by Vivek Shraya and Wild Blue Yonder by Charlotte Wilson upcoming, so I won’t discuss them here. Well, the reviews will be coming — y’know, as soon as I write them πŸ˜€ I’ve already reviewed It Happens All the Time by Amy Hatvany as well. 

Well, my reading count should actually be 12, because those three novellas by Renee Ahdieh were like 20 pages in total each and took me 10 minutes to read. They were nice… but not amazing or anything. Just decent. Not necessary in order to be able to enjoy the duology. 

I’m still reading Sense and Sensibility and Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold. I know, I’m slow, but I’ll finish this month or SO HELP ME. 
Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
Hellworld by Tom Leveen
Private Reserve by Diana Sobolewski 

 I signed up for Lonna’s Summer 2017 Comment Challenge! You should check it out too πŸ˜€

  New Video! Don’t want to read the post? Here’s my video version of it to watch instead.
Olivia’s Question: What did you get up to in April? What was your favourite read? How many books did you read?
Olivia-Savannah x

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  • Your first taco?! Did you love it?! I used to love Taco Bell, and there was one open until like 4 in the morning when I was going to college that I went to a lot lol.

    You tutored a family who only spoke Russian, and you didn't speak Russian?! That had to be really difficult. But that cake the other family gave you is gorgeous!

    If you need handstand tips, I'm your girl! I used to be a gymnast, and handstands were the one thing I was (and still kind of am) actually good at, haha. But even from your picture it looks like you've got the important stuff down and don't even need any tips πŸ™‚

    And wow, 15 books, that is a good reading month!

    • I did love it! I can't wait to go back to it. You must have eaten a lot of tacos.

      It was difficult, but they were so adorable and it worked out well for us both in the end. It was interesting to get that kind of experience.

      I would love some more tips! I can do a handstand but I'm not sure what to do at all to be able to hold it. What should I be tightening or strengthening to hold the handstand?

    • Actually I always got Mexican pizzas, never tacos, haha. But there were other fast food restaurants even closer and open all night, so… I went to those more lol.

      Honestly, if you're already able to hold your weight upside down, the best thing to do is just practice. What really helps is if you have someone who can stand next to you and just kinda lightly tap your ankles to push you back into place when you start falling in either direction since that helps your body learn and strengthen the exact muscles used to stay balanced. If not that, maybe try doing a handstand *near* a wall but not quite against it so that when you fall a little, you can push yourself back into place. Other than that, use your fingers A LOT (which it looks like you already are), try to keep all your muscles tight, focus on breathing, pick one spot on the floor and stare at it the whole time. Idk if any of that helped since you might've already known all that lol.

    • No no, this is all really helpful! A lot of this I didn't know before. I will try the exercise of practicing with someone and hopefully it will help me to be able to keep my handstand straight. And I will work on keeping my muscles tight and yet breathing in the pose. That sounds like the hardest thing to be able to achieve :')

    • I'm just happy someone actually wants my advice for once, haha. Almost everyone else who's ever asked was just looking for a "learn to do handstands in a day" miracle. But yeah, the breathing. Super important. Can't hold a handstand very long if you're not breathing, unless you're really good at holding your breath, which I am not lol. But I feel like it also always just helped me focus too.

  • Sounds like you had quite an exciting April. You are at such an exciting time in your life with finishing school up and everything. You did get a lot of reading in this month as well. I hope you have a great May!

  • Wow, there's a lot happening for you right now! I understand the thing about endings – I felt similarly when I finished my BA last year and now my year in England is soon over again. Time just flies so fast! But hopefully a lot more new and exciting things are coming your way. I rewatched the Twilight movies recently too. πŸ˜€ How did you like Deadpool? That is a GREAT cake to receive, must have been a really nice surprise!

    • It sounds like you've become quite familiar to goodbyes yourself in lately as well. But time flies and there is always something new to look forward to πŸ™‚ Hehe, we rewatched around the same time! I thought Deadpool was really good, but pretty short as well? Definitely funny.

  • That's a lovely crow pose. It took me months before I was strong enough to finally lift myself and keep the pose for several seconds. I fell once! In class, too!! Great to have you back to the blog-o-spere. And, that you for signing up for Summer Comment Challenge. Yay!!

    Lonna @ FLYLΔ“F

    • Ee falling πŸ™ But you managed to achieve it in the end! I just want to make my pose tighter and hold my arms straighter. It will take time to fine tune it. I'm glad to properly be back πŸ˜€

  • Sounds like you have a lot of bittersweet things in your life right now. I am sure saying goodbye to your basketball team will be tough. It is hard when you get so close to people and teams have a special relationship. That cake the family made you is amazing. Wow! How awesome that you tutored kids who made so much progress. πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear you had a great reading month too!

  • I've been super duper swamped with working 12+ hrs a day, then coming home to get things done around the house. By the time I'm done, it's bedtime. I wake up about an hour before my alarm goes off in the morning, so I try to read as much as I can. I always say that I'm gonna type up at least 2 reviews on the weekends, but I sleep a lot on Saturdays and Sundays I'm reading or going out. I really need to figure this out soon, before I burn out. Seriously, I don't even feel like getting up most days.
    In other news, my cat bit me really bad. I've never seen so much blood gushing from a wound! It freaked me out and I immediately called my doctor. I had to get the wound cleaned, and get a tetanus shot. The next day, I could barely move, I was aching so badly. Yeah, I'll never break up a cat fight again. Tetanus shots make you feel like your whole body is about to break.

    All in all, I'm trying to read and reviews will come whenever I get the time to type them. P.S. I LOVE TACO BELL. Chicken Chalupas are my favorite!

    • Girl, that's a lot of work to be doing. No wonder you're so tired all the time! I hope you can ease up on the hours you've been putting in. It's great that you've still managed to be reading, but don't stress the reviews at all when you have been working so hard. Take care of yourself and keep getting that sleep you need. Really, I'm worried you'll burn out…

      Eeee, that sounds so bad D: Be careful with those cats! I've never had a tetanus shot but it sounds bad just from your description of it.

      I'll have to try that when I next go to Taco bell!

  • that yoga pose though… I would have eat the ground trying it haha and I have a Taco Bell near my house but I never tried it although I like tacos and have eaten them in the past

  • Congratulations on your handstand! I can't even do crow pose yet so you're the yoga master in my book πŸ™‚ Also, you've never had a taco before? I sometimes forget how they aren't a terribly popular food around the world. They're everywhere in North and South America (I'm in the US). I hope you enjoy Kitty Hawk! I finished the first book a while ago and loved it and I'm going to be starting the second book soon. I hope you have a lovely May, Olivia!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

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