Basketball ~ Nails Extravaganza & Giveaway!

Basketball ~ Nails Extravaganza & Giveaway!
Nails extravaganza is a type of post on Olivia’s Catastrophe where I share my nail art and the reasons why I chose to do that design. Nail art is just another hobby of mine that I keep coming back to, and what to share with you all. 
I do believe that at some point I mentioned it (in my March wrap up I believe?) but this year we had a basketball tournament in Switzerland. When it comes to any basketball match, especially a tournament, I try to be nice to my opponents. 
How do I do this? I cut my nails, pretty much down to the quick. 

I’ve gotten used to having short nails due to playing the harp (long nails become a hindrance, in that case, and are bad for the strings) and because there is a potential for broken nails when playing basketball. Mostly though, I have numerous scratches and cuts all along my hands, wrists and upper arms after a basketball match. When an opponent fouls you, that’s usually where they hit, or accidentally scratch. It would be entirely harmless, of course, if they had shorter nails. For some reason, they never seem to. Which is why I try to be nice and have short nails for every basketball game. 
Anyway, it led me to at least wanting to make my nails look nice for this tournament, so I decided to go with a basketball theme to match the tournament I was going to. It was easy enough to find some basketball nails to copy on the internet. I wanted something a little bit more complex though, to work on improving my skills I am trying to gain again after a period of time where I was convinced I was so bad at nail art that I didn’t bother doing it for a few months. However, I like to believe these turned out reasonably well?
Orange is one of my favourite colours, so I had no issue there. It was a bit tricky to make the hoop actually hoop-like, but I think it went okay. My favourite nail though, is the one where ther eis a girl on it, about to make a lay up. I think it turned out well and it left me pretty satisfied after doing my nails. I would’ve done another one on my accent nail, but I couldn’t picture myself making a second one with my left hand to match, that wouldn’t turn out disfigured. So I strategically leave it at one girl (which I did manage to replicate on my left hand, with difficulty and quite some time :P)
Giveaway! I am sneakily sharing another giveaway (you might get used to these…) Enter for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Giftcard, open internationally!
Olivia’s Question: What’s your favourite sport to watch on the telly?
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