Pear Spice Smoothie Recipe!

Pear Spice Smoothie Recipe!

Hey everyone!

The weather is finally getting warmer here in the Netherlands, and that makes my soul so happy because I am someone who adores summer. Honestly, I live for the sun. I’ll always be outside if the weather is good 🙂

With warmer weather comes more outdoor yoga, reading and other endeavors for me. But when you’re outside all the time, it is essential that you stay hydrated! Or at the very least, stay refreshed. I’ve been busy doing that by experimenting with more types of smoothie, and here is one I wanted to share with you!

I have a video down below on how to make this one, so you can make it for yourself and give it a go in the warm weather. I’m someone who doesn’t really eat pears too often, so it was nice to try something more pear flavoured. Admittedly, my little sister was the biggest fan of this smoothie because she decided it tasted like pear crumble. She then proceeded to drink the majority of the jug I’d made. 

What I like the most about this smoothie is that is has everything you need in it. Some sugar from the honey, some fruit (because pear, duh) and then also some protein and energy from the oats. I hope you enjoy!

The video!

Olivia’s Question: What’s the weather like where you are? Summer time yet?

Olivia-Savannah x

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