Top 10: Things You Need to Survive Exams

Top 10: Things You Need to Survive Exams

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As you know, seeing as I have been talking about it a lot on the blog lately, I’m currently going through exams. I’ve pretty much spent the last month studying for them as well. Which is why I feel like it might be appropriate to make this list of the ten things that helped me most when it comes to writing the exams and also preparing for them. For those who have exams in the future, I hope this is helpful. Or maybe you agree with some of these?

1. Family 

My family have been living through these exams with me. They ask me how it’s going. They spoil me and buy me treats to motivate me to keep studying. They talk me down from mounting stress, and whenever I need a hug they are right there for me. I don’t know if I could’ve seen this through without them!

2. Friends

Friends are great whether they are or aren’t going through the exams with you. If they are, you have someone you can go to with questions! If not, then you just have someone to take your mind off of the upcoming exams for a little while. 

3. Good Food

Trust me, you’ll need this. I’ve been eating healthy through my exams to have a happy and healthy brain. But it makes the treats you allow yourself to have as study rewards just that little bit more rewarding as well. 😀

4. Yoga and Meditation

I love yoga and meditation. It’s also a very free stress reliever. I was pretty much doing practice daily because it flushed all the tension out of my body that built up while I was scribbling answers in the exam room and anticipating the next one. 

5. 10 Min Cardio Workouts

Back at it again with the physical workout suggestions. But really, I am a firm believer of the happy and healthy body leading to a happy and healthy mind. I didn’t do this everyday but it was a nice way to work up a little sweat, relax, and take a study break. 

6. Youtube Tutorials 

If there is a topic you’re supposed to be studying and you can’t understand it… youtube tutorials will be your lifesaver. Also, a tip of watching the tutorials at a faster pace, of 1.5x, means you might save a bit of time as well. 

7. Make a Schedule 

Time management is essential. You want to have time to study everything you need, but you also want to be able to rest and relax as well. Make a realistic schedule and try your best to stick to it. It will help you so much. 

8. A Good Television Series

Re-watch a favourite television series of yours before bed. If the episodes are short (20 minutes long) that’s the ideal length. It’s a great way to switch off before going to bed, and rest your mind from all the knowledge you’re cramming in. I’ve been watching Baby Daddy.

9. Music 

I am aware this one doesn’t work for everyone. But I really just CANNOT study without some music in the background. 

10. Perspective

This may be one of the most important ones. When you’re going through exams sometimes life feels centered around them. It can be hard to see an ‘after’ exams, and what you will be doing then. Try and keep perspective in mind because exams aren’t the beginning and end of everything 😉

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Olivia’s Question: What’s a recommendation that you would have included on this list?

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