Fractured Beauty [Review & Giveaway!]

Fractured Beauty [Review & Giveaway!]
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Title: Fractured Beauty
Authors: Adrienne Monson, Lehua Parker, Angela Corbett,
Angela Brimhall and Angela Hartley
Publisher: Tork Media
Published Date: 1st June 2017
Rating: 3 Stars
*Thanks to the authors for the review copy*
Synopsis: Beauty and the Beast may be a tale as old as time, but in this collection
by the Fairy Tale Five you’ll meet five newly imagined Belles and the Beasts
they love. 

Angela Brimhall’s beast is a terrifying sea monster cursed by
a scorned gypsy. He must risk all to save the strong-willed princess before
losing his last chance at love and redemption, becoming forever damned to the
briny deep. 

Lehua Parker’s Nani is trapped by Indian and Hawaiian
traditions and a fiancé locked in stasis in a medi-mod. Cultures and
expectations collide in this sci-fi futuristic world where nano-bot tattoos and
dreams reveal the secret of Nani’s heart. 

Angela Corbett’s Ledger is determined to find out more about
the mysterious woman who saved him from certain death and uncover the secrets
of  Withering Woods, but some beasts are better left caged. 

Adrienne Monson’s Arabella rushes to an enchanted castle to
pay her father’s debt, but is met with a burly beast with a mysterious past.
It’s a howling paranormal regency romp that will keep you turning pages well
past your bedtime. 

Angela Hartley’s Porta Bella discovers there’s more to Oregon
life than taking care of her father when she finds herself rescued by Bigfoot.
It’s up to Porta Bella to unravel the faery’s curse and discover who’s the real


Review: After
having read a novel by Adrienne Monson before, I was curious to try one of her
short stories. I was happy that another four short stories came along with it,
all of them being fairytale retellings. If you know how much I loved The Lunar Chronicles and also The Wrath and the Dawn, then you might
already have figured out how much I love any kind of retelling whatsoever.
Anyway, it made me really eager to read this short story collection. I’ll do
little reviews for each short story.
Beauty and the Beast: This first story wasn’t
quite to my taste. Although it wasn’t bad, I just have to say that it was too…
bizarre? The villain had a way of talking that represented where she came from,
so she never spoke in complete sentences. I don’t know why that always bothers
me, but it bothered me here too. I also felt like all the good characters didn’t
make it to the end, and all the bad ones – who had very few redeeming
qualities, did. It made me a little frustrated. So I’ll give this one 3 stars.
Nani’s Kiss: I really loved this short story! I
only wish it had been longer. It’s a sci-fi retelling, and I loved the culture
the author managed to create, and the world she managed to build, in so few
words. I would’ve wanted to explore it further (hence wanting more of the
story.) I liked the characters a lot. The ending was a bit… weird? But still
pretty good. I would give this one 4 stars.
Withering Woods: Although this wasn’t a bad story,
I got the sense that it was a tad bit under developed. I feel like it had more
to do with it needing to be a short story than anything else. Although I liked
the characters and the creepy setting, I wanted the world and the Screamers to
be a bit more developed. The plot was quite rushed as well, amounting to very
little. But there was such a good message brought across about love, and
beauty, which I had to appreciate and made up for the plot line quite a bit. I
would give this one 3 stars.
Arabella’s Story: This one was by far my favourite
of the collection. It was perfect! I liked the adapted fairytale, and how it
made a lot more sense this way. Arabella’s character was realistic, and she was
the kind of person I’d love to have as a friend. There was a brilliant plot
twist – I didn’t even know short stories could do plot twists this well, and I
really liked the message the story brought across. The romance moved a bit too fast,
especially at the end. But I’m chalking it down to trying to bring a complete
story into a short amount of words. So I’m still giving it 5 stars.
Inner Beauty and the Beast: I felt like it was
such a shame to end the collection with this story. The world building was
okay, but a bit rushed because the story was so short. The main character
struck me as cruel – but she was supposed to be, so that was okay. But she was
far too judgmental, and she never respected other people’s lifestyles or opinions.
When she wanted something, she would do whatever she could to get it. If
someone’s morals and values were different from her own she couldn’t see it
from their perspective. Instead, she was overly cruel. It actually offended me
a bit, because of the rudeness with which she spoke of values others supported.
I couldn’t enjoy this one for that reason, at all. I’d have to give it 1 star.
All in all, this was a decent collection. I quite enjoyed
reading the range of stories and seeing how the adapted them to fit their own
ideas. Some stories were better than others, but I have yet to come across a
collection where I enjoyed each and every story. So I understand!
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