My Healer [Yogi Dragoness]

My Healer [Yogi Dragoness]

Hello lovelies ^.^

Yoga has taught me a lot of things, and one of them is how important back flexibility is. Many people believe that the key to getting strong looking abs is all about crunches, Russian twists and lots of jumping exercises. Although that does amount to a lot, you need back flexibility as well, especially when it comes to your lower back. When you train your lower back it supports your abs too. Having said that, I’m not a huge fan of back flexibility poses, especially those which you practice while lying on your stomach and pressing your pubic bone towards the floor (example: bow pose). I find it so difficult, and I find it hard to breathe sometimes. Therefore, I make myself do them over and over again. The more I do a pose I dislike, I discover, the better I get at it, and the faster I start to appreciate it.

Combined with back flexibility, shoulder flexibility is essential to a lot of yoga poses. Personally, I have one shoulder which is a lot stronger and a lot more flexible than the other. I’m not entirely sure, but I am pretty much pinning it to be the issue I had in primary school where I fell out of a bunk bed (Haven’t slept on the upper level of a bunk bed without barriers since), where I pulled a muscle in my neck. I healed fine, but as a young child I didn’t understand the importance in doing the follow up recovery exercises my physiotherapist gave me. I told my parents I had done them, because they were difficult, hard work, and hurt a little bit.
I completely regret that, because that shoulder has not been the same since.
However, yoga has really helped with that. Although I have to be increasingly patient with my left shoulder and make sure not to overdue it, in time it has become a lot more flexible. I realise my shoulder is a lot less stiff during the days when I don’t even do yoga, and hurts me a lot less. I really think it is helping.


Aside from that, after a few days (two is enough, actually) of not doing yoga, I start to feel restless. Despite despising the exercises themselves, I love the free feeling and ease my body has after working on my back and shoulder flexibility. Which is how I came to love the wheel pose.
It was a lot of slow progress at first.I found it hard to get into the wheel. My shoulders weren’t flexible at that point yet at all, and I didn’t realise using your thighs was important when holding the pose. I had limited back flexibility, and when in wheel pose, at first it is incredibly hard to breathe. You’re also stretching your throat, which is why. I would get into the pose, and in one second I would let myself back down again. I even stopped practising the wheel when it came up in my vinyasa poses, and I usually listen to my instructor all the time. That’s how far the dislike went.
But then I got determined. What was the wheel pose to get me to pause my practice? I started doing it again. I listened carefully to my instructor to know what needed tensing, and what movements my body should be making. Eventually, I realised I could hold it for more than a single second. Gradually, breathing became easier, and you get stronger. Now I love this pose, because it shows a lot of achievement for me.
I’m finally proud to be able to say that I am very satisfied with the way my wheel pose looks. Granted, it does take quite the warm up before I get into it in any practice.
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Olivia’s Question: Do you have an injury or physical issue which has bothered you for a long time, without getting any better?
Olivia-Savannah x

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  • Congratulations on your progress, Olivia! I really dislike doing back poses as well because of how hard it is to breathe. It's a fear I have that I won't be able to breathe (I would call it irrational but I feel like it isn't really all that irrational). I'm pretty encouraged though by the fact that you managed to work through it! Perhaps I'll work on them a little more 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    • It really is difficult in the beginning and I totally understand where you're coming from. But I promise you, it does get easier! Research can help in making sure it hurts a bit less when you're starting off. I would give you some tips but I'm not a professional and don't want to be giving out wrong information.

  • i am impress,this is incredibly brilliant pose !!!

    you improved with patience and wisdom and glad finally your shoulder is better than before ,

    i though never got any serious injury but while exercising i gradually started feeling pain in my right shoulder and i had to reduce my arm exercise which i did not like

  • What an awesome progression!! I have a few injuries that have been haunting me since high school, and that probably won't be going away. I popped my tailbone out of place playing basketball…and we thought it was just bruised. So I didn't get to a chiropractor to properly treat the injury for almost a year. It had already done damage. Since then I have had collapsing discs in my lower back and bursitis in my left hip. Exercise, stretching, chiropractic care, and acupuncture helps, but I'm still in pain almost every single day. Luckily it's not too horrible. I have only been hospitalized three times over the years because of the severity of it. It all hurts more when I sit for too long or the weather changes. Luckily I have a standing desk for work! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, you popped out your tailbone?! That sounds horrendously painful :/ It's terrible that it was misjudged as well, so then it didn't heal properly 🙁 You've had a lot of injuries and that all amounts to so much pain. I'm really sorry to hear it 🙁 I'm glad you have some methods that work for easing it up a bit though. :/

  • My injuries always get better eventually. I have still never been able to do wheel pose in yoga class. I always thought I didn't have the strength but now I am thinking maybe I don't have the shoulder flexibility.

  • Wow! I have 0 patience so I know yoga is not for me – I prefer pilates but this is impressive! I messed up my knee almost three years ago and it didn't heal properly thought I have to say it wasn't my fault but the doctor. It's been getting better and a lot stronger but there are still so many excercises that I cannot do without pain. For example, I can't sit puting my whole body on my feet and I cannot crouch down for the life of me

    • Everyone has their kind of workout which works best for them! So yes, I can see how pilates may be better. I am so sorry about your knee – especially as it could have properly been healed but it was more so the treatment that you got. Knees are a hard thing to have wrong because they're involved in so much of our movement :/

  • My back is the one thing for me that's never been flexible. I feel like backs, more than any other body part, have a limit depending on how your body is built. But there's always room for some improvement of course, so I'm glad you made progress and are happy with the pose! Sorry about falling out of the bunk bed though :-/ Yikes!

    • Yes, we all have our limits due to body type, but I do believe you can get quite far. But back flexibility is really one of the ones that comes the slowest as well… Falling out of the bunk bed was a long time ago, but well, the fear of those type of beds remains xD

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