The Troubles of Eating Healthy while Eating Out…

The Troubles of Eating Healthy while Eating Out…
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Today I wanted to briefly discuss the troubles of eating healthy while eating out. I’ve been trying my hardest to eat clean a lot, and for the most part I manage to succeed. And while I am a fan of having a little break and eating whatever I want occasionally, it sometimes gets hard when you find yourself eating out a lot. Especially as there seem to be so many places that just… fail at knowing how to make a salad? (A salad is NOT just lettuce >.>) Or simply don’t have a single healthy option on the menu? So I wanted to share some important things I’ve learned since eating clean and eating out with friends.
1. Talk it out with whoever is coming along!
Communication is key, and that’s even when it comes to something as simple as going out to eat with friends and family. Letting them know beforehand that you want somewhere with a healthy option on the menu isn’t going to completely compromise their enjoyment of the event. Also, if they’re people you’re eating out with, it usually means you have some sort of good relationship and they’re usually more than happy to make sure where you’re eating is suitable for you too.


2. A little research never hurt anyone. 
If you really don’t know a place with a good option, research it online beforehand! Menus are online and who knows, you might find a new place! Even if you have somewhere that you’re consistently comfortable with, it can be nice to look into your options and find something new.
3. Fast food doesn’t work for anyone.
As a young adult, when I go out with friends it’s usually to somewhere cheap and affordable. Which mostly ends up being fast food. I’ve managed to steer my friends away from that option a bit. First and foremost, fast food places often have rubbish healthy options? Secondly, it’s not really good for anyone – the environment, the quality, whatever ends up in it. You don’t exactly have to explain all of this, but maybe saying you want better quality (and having looked up some fast food cheap places that are more ideal than say, KFC) you can all be happy.


4. When you have a friend who commits to eating healthy with you, life is 100% easier. 
I’m saying friend here, but for me it was my mother. Recently, the two of us have been going out to eat, and as she has started to eat healthier too, it has made it so much more fun to go out regularly. I’ve recently discovered I absolutely adore salmon salads, and we’ve been trying out a bunch of places. By the time we’re done I’m pretty sure I will know the best salmon salad that there is in my city.


5. Fake it till you make it. 
I’ve never done this before, but you can always go for the vegetarian or vegan option even if you’re not actually a vegetarian or vegan. It’s not a guarantee, but there are usually healthier options. I also look for restaurants that advertise that they do have those options even if I’m not necessarily going for them — it often means there will be something good to eat.
6. You’re allowed to take a bit of a break, y’know ^.^
But most importantly, clean eating is not a diet. If you’re going out to eat, treat yourself a bit! If a meal seems mostly healthy and has that one ingredient inside that you disagree with, go for it anyway! It’s just a little ingredient 😉 I usually end up treating myself to cheesecake or apple pie after a good salad anyway. Eating out is a treat, after all 😀
Olivia’s Question: Where’s your favourite place to eat out? What’s your usual order?
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