You Are What You Read [Discussion Post]

You Are What You Read [Discussion Post]
Good morning, everyone!
If you haven’t noticed from my latest wrap up posts, I’ve
been reading a lot of new adult lately. I always end up reading all of it on my
kindle – because that way people can’t read the titles, and they can’t see the
cover, and so unless they follow my blog they won’t really know what I’m
reading… it’s not to say I’m ashamed. I’ll always read whatever I want and that’s
just that. But I’m more curious about what other people will think of my
reading tastes.
I get enough judgment from some people when I let them
know how much I love Twilight. I’ll always defend the books and even the
movies, despite them not being the best. Yet, sometimes when I am discussing
those books or films I get a lot of negativity, or a lot of disbelief, or
people even say, “Well, we can’t trust your judgment on books in general if those are the kind you like.” And when I
heard that, it got me thinking… what does what you enjoy reading say about you?
When people say they enjoy romance, a lot of people believe
that they are a romantic person because of it. In most cases, I’ll have to
confess they are right. Or when someone says they enjoy fantasy, you assume it’s
because they have a vivid imagination. Horror infers to someone finding humor
in the horror, or being tough enough to take it. And enjoying classics? Many
people see that as having elegance, taste or being generally smart enough to
understand those books.
But what if someone (like me) enjoys reading m/m new
adult romances? I’m not male myself, I don’t define myself as anything within
the LGBTQ+ community… so what does that really say about me? Am I just another
romantic, because it is still a
romance, and I just like some intensity? Or what of me enjoying a BDSM novel. I
sincerely doubt BDSM is my kind of thing, but I can still get some enjoyment
out of reading it. Hmm…
Take a second to think about it, before moving on to the
next part of my post: what do you think me enjoying m/m romances and BDSM say
about me or my reading preferences?
This discussion post is really mostly centered around me
and my tastes. But when I come to think of it, even the statements I made about
the general genres and what it could allude to when it comes to someone else’s
personalities, is mostly based on assumption. Generally, from my understanding,
when it comes to assumptions people can be very very wrong. So even though what
you read may say something about you and your personality, there are so many
elements to a genre, that it is impossible to generalize and determine what it
is for someone without them telling you.
The best thing to do when you’re curious as to why
someone likes a genre or a particular book? Just ask them! No assumptions are
I know why I like m/m romances, and it may be for a
different reason than some would assume. There’s no nonsense, no petty drama
(because there’s no females involved), and no exaggerated tropes like I’ve been
seeing in YA lately. I feel like I’m mostly enjoying the genre because it
contradicts YA so much. I know I liked the one BDSM book (can’t say I like the
genre when I’ve only read the one) because I liked the two characters a lot – I
doubt the BDSM element meant that much to me, actually. I was also pretty
curious, so there’s that.
I wonder if those reasons were what you determined or
Main conclusion: the world would be a better place if we
didn’t assume things, despite that being hard to do.
Olivia’s Question: What’s an assumption you often make
about people without realising you’re doing it?

Olivia-Savannah x 

33 thoughts on “You Are What You Read [Discussion Post]”

  • I read m/m – but then I also read F/F; which is also, imho, less drama-filled than m/f. (Maybe unnecessary drama is a heterosexual romance thing? Oooh, controversial question right there!)

    I understand if you don't wanna read overly-graphic F/F but maybe find some relatively clean F/F? F/F doesn't get much support, and m/m, on the other hand, gets fetishized a lot (to the extent that female m/m authors get moody about lists of #ownvoices m/m *sighs*)

    • I haven't read any f/f before and I am very… wary? I might try some, but I am coming down from my m/m reading mood and I think I am slowly easing back into YA and classics a lot more. I might try some in the future? I'll look into it.

      Hmm… that is a controversial discussion! I think it's because m/f, especially when YA, is so mainstream that there are so many tropes everyone taps into. And we end up trying to make more dramatic and dramatic tropes…

  • Assuming without asking is one of the worst things we humans do. I'm guilty of it myself, sometimes. I honestly have very little preferences when it comes to books. I, too, read m/m books (like you said, much less drama) and I did try Fifty Shades because I was curious about the BDSM. But I've read a wide range of books and so have you (the books you review always sound so interesting). We are what we read, but we are not *everything* we read, I suppose.

  • Exactly what you said, I don't think there's any broad, "If you like ____ it means _____." I think it's all very specific and personal. For example, I read lots of M/M too, but for different reasons than the ones you mentioned. So yeah, I don't think it's really possible to figure someone out based on what they read. And we should all just disregard the judgy people and read what we want!

  • I love this! My best friend told me one day that she doesn't read YA because she reads NY Best Sellers (which YA is totally on so sucks to be her).

    I made her read Cinder a few years back and she LOVED it.

  • Read what you want and what you like, who cares what other people think!
    And what's wrong with Twilight? I loved the series 🙂
    I like to read most genres but some don't work for me and that's okay. Keep on doing what you're doing. 🙂

    Dinh@Arlene's Book Club

  • I dislike judge-y people – they need to find something better to do! And I read a pretty wide-ranging group of books too. I like reading about people who aren't exactly like me – it's way more interesting!

  • It's very easy to feel self-conscious about what one reads because of outside judgement but honestly? The joke's on them! I read whatever catches my attention, even books out of my comfort zone because I find them educational and necessary so no, I don't believe you are what you read. For example, normally I don't like romance in books but if it's done right and doesn't take much of the plot or if it doesn't become a triangle, I feel the fuzzies reading them and I'm not a romantic person. Sometimes a story works for us even though we don't see ourselves in it.

  • OMG my whole friends and family judge me on the basis of what I read! Iv read the fifty shades trilogy and my family and friends were pretty disappointed that I read a BDSM novel and my aunt thought that I'm probably a really bad girl like you know! IT SUCKS HIGKEY!! 🙁

  • People do make so many assumptions. When I first started my current job and I told them that I read a lot, one of my co-workers said that I must read romance. I am a girl so I can only read romance was the point. I read everything including some romance but they were pretty surprised that I enjoy a good bloody horror book. Do what you like is the way I look at it.

  • This is a fascinating topic. As a gay man myself, I've never been too drawn to reading gay romances. My genre of choice, if any, is usually crime. Perhaps I'm keen on the idea of making sense of mysterious situations.

  • It's sad that people condemn Twilight. I still love the books and movies. You have no idea how much of a fangirl I was. I went to a Twilight night once at the movie theater where they showed the first 3 movies one after another. I didn't get home until 4am. But anyway… xD Twilight did make reading more popular, I think. Especially YA. I feel like it started it all? At least it made me read English books for the first time so it'll always be special to me. <3

  • This is a really interesting discussion! 🙂
    I hate when people make assumptions about me based on my preferred genres, so I always try and not make assumptions about other people in that way. Sometimes assumptions can prove to be correct (for example I love historical fiction, and so it would be fair, and correct to assume I'm interested in history), but I think we all like what we like for very different reasons, and so in a lot of cases assumptions can be very wrong. And at the end of the day, we're all allowed to just like what we like, and shouldn't be judged for it 🙂

    • It can be hard to not make assumptions, but I am going to try not to from now on. Especially as I know how much it bothered me. Yes, we can be correct more often times than not. But we should also be open minded at the same time ^.^

  • I’ve seen people being nasty to each other on Twitter because one person likes a “silly” genre. I don’t get it. Just read what you want and be nice to people. It’s not hard.

    I’m not sure what people assume about me when they see my books. I read pretty much everything except romance/erotica. Maybe they assume I’m not romantic? If they do, they’re correct.

    Interesting discussion!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

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