Wonder Woman [Movie Review & Giveaway!]

Wonder Woman [Movie Review & Giveaway!]

Happy Monday!

I was very excited to see Wonder Woman. When my sister
kept going on and on about her as a superhero, I wasn’t enthralled. But the
glimpse we saw of her in Batman vs. Superman had me completely convinced that I
was going to love the movie. I’m a huge fan of:
Her sense of style. She RULES in that outfit.
What she stands for. Feminism to the max.
SHE’S JUST BEAUTIFUL. That’s not a reason to
love her but it’s semi why I did 😛
There’s also Chris Pine in this movie. I liked him as an
actor due to his performance in This
Means War,
a movie I shamelessly rewatch over and over again. Also, he is
some serious eye candy.
Now let’s get to the review before I start sounding too

The movie itself did turn out to be pretty great. It has
a strong and steady plot that builds from the beginning and follows through all
the way until the very end. I wouldn’t say that the suspense is very high, but
it is a quest-like journey with enough pitfalls and problems thrown into it to
make it an exciting watch. I also really liked that before it all got started
we got to see a bit of her history, and where she came from. It brought a
closeness to her character and provided all the necessary backstory that we

I also liked how her mindset about what to do contrasted
with everyone around her, but she still stuck true to what she believed. I
especially appreciated it because this is a movie set in a historical period,
and because she came from an island of only females, she didn’t understand the
concept of women being ‘put in their place’ or needing to be ‘protected.’ Yup,
this movie had feminism written all over it, and I loved it.

While we are on the topic of the feminism aspect, I
actually really appreciated this novel being set during world war one. I get
the generally feeling that world war two is more usually depicted in books and
movies because it was the most recent world war, and there are those still
living who have stories and memories about it to share. (Excuse me if I am
mistaken.) So I really appreciated this war being chosen, and from what I could
tell it was mostly historically accurate. Although this movie did leave me
thinking: what on earth was she doing during World War Two? Hmm… maybe another
movie in the future?

Ah, the costume and fighting scenes were pretty epic in
this movie. I liked all the graphics too. Nothing was overdone, which is a
feeling I have been getting quite a bit from the Marvel superhero movies
lately, and from Batman vs. Superman. Here the balance seemed to have been
handled perfectly. I have to admit there were times when I got a bit annoyed at
the random slow motion moments in the battles – sometimes they slowed down at
irrelevant moments in the fight? But that aside, it was all done really well.

The messages about love, about learning (the song by Sia
and Labrinth gives me life and perfectly relates to the movie) were epic. Also,
about sacrifice and staying true to oneself. During the movie, there were
little bits of wisdom imparted that kind of shocked me by how insightful they
were. One moment was when Wonder Woman was asking about a watch, and he
responded by saying it was for telling the time. And her response was, “You let
your life be controlled by that thing?” Or something along the lines of that.
And it gave me pause and made me think – how much do you let time control you?
Is that necessarily a good thing? Can we possibly rise above it?

I love when a film makes me think, even if it’s just a
phrase that brings me to that point.
The only downside to this movie was its predictability. I
would say there were three plot twists, or elements to the storyline that we
weren’t supposed to be see coming. Out of the three, two were easily
predictable and I guessed them pretty much from the opening of the movie. I
don’t doubt that many others did too. However, it didn’t make it any less of an
enjoyable movie. It wasn’t so much the plot twists that were the cause for
excitement here. It was the development of her character, the movement along
the storyline, and the significant moments within it all that built up the

All in all, this was a really good movie which I greatly
enjoyed watching. It wasn’t the most mind-shattering movie ever, but it was so
much fun, and quite deep at the same time. The themes and the messages came
across nicely but never distracted from the movie. The main character and the
love interest look good together. The soundtrack is epic. What more could I ask

Oh, and it was only later on that it was brought to my
awareness that this was the first superhero movie where the main character and
main superhero is a female. I can’t believe we have gone this long without one,
and that I didn’t even notice. It’s all the more reason to make sure you go and
see the film!
Other than more Wonder Woman movies in the future, pretty
please ^.^

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Olivia’s Question: Who is your favourite superhero? (I
have like, three favourites, so you can say more than one!)
Olivia-Savannah x

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