Olivia’s Catastrophe 2.0

Olivia’s Catastrophe 2.0

Hello, wonderful people!

Welcome to the grand opening of the bigger and better Olivia’s Catastrophe! I am so glad that you could make it today. So, let’s get right down to business. I am sure you want to know what’s new, right?

Well, first let me start with the WHY everything needed to change!

I felt like my blog didn’t really represent me anymore. I am a reader, yes, but more and more yoga posts started to creep in, alongside many other topics. I wasn’t happy classifying my blog as only a book blog anymore. Aside from that, I had been feeling limited by blogger for a little while. I started to look into collaborations and want to be a bit more serious about blogging – increasing the audience and hopefully making a little bit of money while still doing what I love. I’ve been thinking about a move to WordPress, and a redesign of the blog for a while. So when I thought about becoming self-hosted and moving over, I thought why not make all my changes at the same time?


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But that’s enough about the rhyme and reason for the switch. Let’s talk about the new and shiny things!

Categories! As I just mentioned, I never liked sticking to one niche. When I started blogging and was looking for how to get started, everyone said choose a niche and stick to it. Well, stuff that! My blog now has the seven niches which best represent me. It will still mostly be books and bookish related posts (that’s just inevitable), but on the homepage you will see that I’ll be talking about travel, fitness, health, writing, nail art and also imparting any wisdom I have on growing/starting a blog too. The categories are a little empty at the moment, but hopefully that will fill as time moves along.

To complement all these categories, the email subscription newsletter has been changed! All previous subscribers are still signed up to the new newsletter! But this way I will be able to personalize my messages a bit more, and actually talk to you, instead of an automated newsletter.


this is me


A new colour scheme! Orange and green will always be my favourite colours, but I wanted my blog to have a bit more of a softer colour scheme. Whites, pink and purples. It kind of goes with the new banner.

As if you didn’t know enough about me… You can now know more with my new about me page 😀


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Not everything has changed! Don’t panic 😀 It’s still the same old me behind all of the blog posts. It’s still the same social media links to follow. The index section is there to easily navigate across all my posts, and the search bar can help with that too. I kept the best of the old, and we have quite a lot of new too.

I also have a new trailer for my Youtube Channel! Take a peek 😉

I’m looking forward to starting afresh with you all here on the bigger and better Olivia’s Catastrophe!

Olivia’s Question: What do you think of the new design?

Olivia-Savannah x

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