8 Reasons to Au Pair Abroad [Giveaway!]

8 Reasons to Au Pair Abroad [Giveaway!]

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It isn’t news that I spent the summer au pairing in Spain, which was a wonderful experience for me. I’m actually surprised it isn’t something I hadn’t heard a bit more about online or in real life either. Au Pair World is a really easy place to get set up in finding a family, and it is really safe too. Although you DO have to be careful and make sure to set up Skype video chats with any families you are considering, I want to encourage more people to become an au pair. So here are some reasons why I think you should totally do it!

Oh, and if you have no interest in being an au pair, you should definitely read on regardless because I talk a little bit about my own experience (which I haven’t done too much yet)


1. If you choose to go abroad, you can travel!

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Traveling is something many people want to do, but simply can’t afford. Paying for your flight may have to be paid by you, or the family may cover it. However, if you do go abroad, it’s highly likely that the weekends will be your days off. Which means you get to travel around on those days and sight see. If you choose a location which is a capital city, that is definitely a plus! You’ll also have a lot of money to sight see because…


2. You don’t have to pay for accommodation or food, really.

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You save a lot of money by having a place to stay with the family. Unless you’re buying specific things for yourself (which the family may or may not cover, depending on who you end up accepting) you save a lot of money! All those expenses you would have had if traveling solo disappear, which leaves more money for fun times on the weekend. On top of that…


3. You get paid for working as an au pair! Summer job anyone?

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Being an au pair ended up being the best summer job for me. I was earning money, while traveling, and all I had to do was look after kids and speak English to them five days a week. It seemed pretty easy-going for the amount I was paid. However, the amount of pay you receive and what will be asked of you really does depend on the family. Some families will want you to pick up the kids from school or drop them off (if you’re au pairing when it isn’t a holiday), or might want you to help out with cooking or cleaning. But while searching for a family, it’s up to you to find one that is compatible with what you want to do.


4. You learn a lot about kids and may even fall in love with them. 

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Don’t go into being an au pair thinking you have to know a lot about children. I did work with children at a nursery and at Kidzchurch beforehand which helped a lot, but it did not prepare me for working with kids at home. Despite being a babysitter since the age 15, I wasn’t good at changing nappies. I was working with a newborn in Spain and I had no idea how to feed one, or get them to sleep, or change their clothes. I wasn’t used to entertaining children in the day, or settling a lot of their fights. But you don’t have to know all that — you’ll learn with time. It’s also highly likely you’ll start to fall in love with the kids. If they start calling you ‘Mama’ the falling in love part will be inevitable…


5. Living with a family other than your own is enlightening. 

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I didn’t realise how much it was going to be different. I am a Christian, and my family is relatively tidy, clean, organised and we sometimes like to hide away in our rooms, or have a family living room session. But I was with a family who practised the Buddha lifestyle, who were sugar free vegetarians, didn’t own a television and had five pets. It was different, but that didn’t make it bad. After the beginning period where you’re not really one of the family yet, you realise how different families function and work and it becomes so intriguing.


6. If you’re going abroad, you’ll pick up or start to learn a new language. 

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While I was in Spain, I was hired to help teach the kids English. I met many, many people, and a grand total of two spoke English well enough to communicate with me. Despite having taken four years of Spanish lessons in secondary school, I basically couldn’t speak Spanish. But by the end of my two month stay? I was speaking and understanding Spanish a whole lot more than I had before. It’s a bit nerve-wracking to throw yourself in the deep end like that (and it won’t be like that for every country you choose!) but the fastest way of picking up a language is by being in the country. And what better way to do that than to be an au pair?


7. The duration of your stay is up to you!

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I wanted to only go for a summer, so I found a family who needed an au pair only for the summer. You could be going for three months, or a year, or longer. It’s entirely up to you and what family you find. It’s flexible, and that’s the most important (and brilliant) thing!


8. It’s a new experience. 

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I believe in trying to experience new things as much as possible. It was different being away from my family for so long. But I learned a lot. I tried new foods. Met new people. Spoke a different language. I want to share this brilliant experience with as many people as possible. And you can even au pair within your country if you’re unsure about it.

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New Video! A vlog of my first week in Spain. 🙂



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Olivia’s Question: Where would you want to go to if you could travel anywhere for free?

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42 thoughts on “8 Reasons to Au Pair Abroad [Giveaway!]”

  • I did tons of babysitting until I turned about 30. I would have loved to have been an au pair. Especially after reading your post. I never heard about the opportunity- but I would have loved the chance to travel and try new things. I can imagine living with another family and seeing the way they live must be fascinating and eye-opening. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Aww, it sounds like something which would have been perfect for you back then. Your love for children has translated into your literature for sure! It was a very eye opening experience and I loved every moment of it ^.^

    • I’ve been to France and it is wonderful! (I have a vlog of that waiting to be edited too…) and Japan sounds so magical. I would love to go back to the same family D: But if not, I’d want to go to Budapest 😀

  • Being an au pair seems like such an amazing experience! I remember hearing about it when I was younger and I always wanted to do it but was too young to! Maybe next year, since I’ll be finishing my A levels, so would have more time in the summer to 🙂

    • I was basically in the same position this year, having finished the equivalent to A Levels and having had a longer summer. It’s the perfect time and you can save up money for whatever you intend to do next. I hope your A Levels go well this year 🙂

  • Hello Olivia! It’s been a long time. Love the new digs. Wonderful to hear that you went to Spain. My husband’s parents live in the northern, Catalan area.

    If I could go anywhere for free, and possibly teleport so I don’t have to sit on a long flight, I’d go to New Zealand. Take care of yourself.

    • Hi Denise! It really has been a long time. How is the hiatus going? Glad you like the new blog as well <3 Oh, that sounds lovely. I suppose this means you visit Spain quite often then?

      Teleportation would be nice 😀 I don't mind flights too much because I basically just read the whole time. I wouldn't mind going to New Zealand either!

  • Au pairing would not be for me, but I stuck around to hear about your experience! That’s a great point that it’s a good way to travel and see a new place while on a budget. And that’s so true about how different families live so differently. Even just staying with friend’s families for short periods of time was always kind of a new experience, so I can only imagine how enlightening it would be to stay with a family who practices a different religion and type of lifestyle. So interesting!

    • Some things work for some people and not for others. It really was nice to experience and see more of Spain. And I absolutely loved living with another family. You’re right — we do get snippets of that when staying with friends.

  • OMG WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT AU PAIRING BEFOREEEE!!! I’m so trying this once I graduate from Uni! Glad to know you had an awesome experience! 🙂

  • This sounds like it was a really wonderful experience for you. I haven’t really heard about it before so I would have never thought of it. I am so happy that it worked so well for you.

    • I wouldn’t have thought about it unless my mother recommended it to me. I am really happy that I could have that experience too 🙂

  • I don’t think I could be an au pair but I do love the whole living and travelling abroad. When I was at uni, I did the Work America programme twice and when I left I worked abroad as a holiday rep. If I could travel anywhere for free, I’d probably go somewhere like Costa Rica, Thailand, Maldives or Bali.

    • As much as I loved being an au pair, I completely understand that it isn’t for everyone. It’s cool that you got the opportunity to be a holiday rep and work abroad for a while! Those locations sound sunny and look so gorgeous from photos I’ve seen. I would love to go there too…

  • That’s really awesome! I knew you traveled a lot, but somehow I missed that it was like a job thing. I think it’s brilliant to live in a foreign country for a couple of months or more because that way you get to experience more of their culture and even learn the language like you did!

    As for where I would love to go… probably Japan. It’s been on my wishlist every since I was a kid.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t have been able to spend so long in Spain if it wasn’t for me working while being there as well! Yess, I really got to feel the culture. My Spanish is still far from fluent but I am learnt a lot 😀

      Japan looks so beautiful and as well as that like there is SO much to do. I hope you get to go one day ^^

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