Get the Hell Over It [Book Review]

Get the Hell Over It [Book Review]

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Title: Get the Hell Over It

Author: Sarah Beth Moore

Publisher: New Leaf Writing

Published Date: 1st September 2017

Rating: 3 stars

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*Thank you to the author for the review copy*

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414w9ZhavnLSynopsis: Using your creative talents to build a lifestyle that’s unapologetically, delightfully, and incredibly all your own is beyond satisfying. Sure, you’ve seen examples of other people doing this. And you know deep down it can be done. Yet you’re stuck in your own personal adventure-movie quicksand, with no handy tree branch in sight.

That’s where this book, Get the Hell Over It: How to Let Go of Fear and Realize Your Creative Dream,
comes in. Short and sweet with plenty of ideas, this book will give you a sturdy branch to grab onto
when the quicksand starts pulling you down. New opportunities for a profitable, creative life await
you…if you dare to reach out again.

In this book, you’ll learn how to dodge those big boulders of fear keeping you from the life you really
want. However, it doesn’t end there.

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Review: When it comes to my creativity and blogging side, I’m no stranger to looking up good articles on the internet to help me get what I need. There are so many resources online. But this book isn’t really focused on those things, and that’s what makes this one different. Instead, this book focuses on the creator – YOU – and you being able to be as creative and successful as you want to be while doing so.




This novel was very clear, precise and to the point. It’s really short, and the aim of it is to get you to kick-start your creative business career, whatever that may be. For a lot of us that means getting into blogging serious-time. But for some it means working on that carpenter dream business, or finally getting your novel published. There are so many different types of creativity and this one is for all of them. It’s especially hard for us because we have to be our own managers, market and sell ourselves and do everything possible to stay original and make time for creating.

The biggest question that this book focuses on is the fear and what is holding you back from really making that step from an aspiring author to a published one – or whatever your obstacle may be. Sometimes, we end up unconsciously holding ourselves back and we don’t even realise this. I won’t say much more, but Moore will really be able to help you with all that.




What I liked most about this little book was the links and references it makes. Moore recommends various paid and free tools to help jump start what you want to be doing. She mentions the editor I use to help me make all my graphics and designs for Olivia’s Catastrophe when it comes to my blog and youtube. She also mentions a website that I love to use for the best social media usage and optimization advice. So if any of that sounds like something you might need, then I’d recommend this one to you too.

Moore’s writing style is very communicative. She’s always clear, but it kind of reads as if you are reading a blog post. There’s some humor sprinkled along all the good advice. And that’s really good because when it comes to instructions and things you don’t want a strict voice telling you what to do!




All in all, this was a short but useful book. I really don’t read this genre of book often, but it really left me feeling inspired to get to working on making my blog and writing better. Hopefully with some of these tips I’ll be able to get there too!

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